Southern Utah Hunting Guide

You have finally drawn that big game tag you have dreamed of. Now where do you go from here? 

Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits Muzzleloader Bull
After years, decades in most circumstances, of applying for a big game tag and finally drawing, the joy of success can also come with an overwhelming feeling of pressure and stress as you now plan your hunt. After so many years of applying, you want to be prepared and most of all in the right place to harvest that trophy you have waited so long for. I would like to help you achieve that!

I had thought about guiding for a long time, but I wanted to make sure that if I did so that I was working with the best outfitters and crews I could find, especially when it came to integrity, hard work, and commitment. In 2013 I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to contract my guiding work with High Top Outfitters! Since that time I have been privileged to guide hunts for High Top and I have worked with other exceptional outfitters in Utah. I am a fully licensed hunting guide in the State of Utah, as well as fully permitted to hunt on US Forest Service and BLM lands throughout the state.

You can find several Southern Utah hunting guides, but many of them are not local to the area.

Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits
Growing up in Southern Utah, as well as moving around to different parts of this end of the state, I have gained a great familiarity with many of the premier hunting units that Utah has to offer. My backyard favorite for elk is the Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits, located in the heart of South Central Utah. I grew up in Escalante on the south foot of the Boulder Mountain. I have spent every hunting season there as long as I can recall, as well as summers roaming the hills in search of bucks, bulls, and great fishing holes. This unit is arguably the best elk unit in the state, and one of the top units in the western US. I have spent my entire life roaming this mountain, and as a lot of guides may only know parts of this giant unit, I can comfortably say that there is not much of this unit at all that I do not know. I find it to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the state due to its remoteness. The unit is so large I seldom run into other elk hunters. This fairly flat, timbered plateau offers it's challenges, but the Boulder Mountain also offers some incredible bulls to those that know how to find them!

I am also familiar with several other Southern Utah units. Here is a breakdown of the hunting units I guide on:

Plateau Parker Mountain archery pronghorn

Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits

Mt. Dutton

Panguitch Lake


Fish Lake

Mule Deer:

Henry Mountains



Plateau, Parker Mountain

Mt. Dutton/Paunsagaunt, Johns Valley

Desert Bighorn:

Kaiparowits, Escalante

Kaiparowits East

Kaiparowits West

Why Choose me as your guide?

I believe that a hunt should be more than just harvesting a trophy, it should be an overall incredible experience that will last a lifetime!

Vergean harvested this awseome bull at 89 years old! Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits
After years of applying and drawing, the stress and worry of harvesting s trophy can become daunting! As your guide, my job is not just to see you succeed in harvesting your trophy, but it is also to see that you have an enjoyable time doing it as well! I want you to rest easy knowing that your guide is committed to putting in the hard work and effort to locate your trophy, and that we will get the job done together. You should enjoy every bit of this experience, from nights around the campfire, to the early morning and evening hikes into incredible scenery, and the laughs shared by family and friends. In fact, I would encourage my hunters to bring family and friends to the camp. This can really take a load of stress and worry off at the end of the day. I am going to be open and honest with you, and when it comes down to it I will not pressure you into shooting a buck or bull that you are not pleased with. I want to help make this the best experience that it can be for the hunter, closed out by harvesting a great trophy that you can look at and remember the experiences of your hunt. I will do everything I can to give you the best chance possible in harvesting a quality animal.

Southern Utah has so much to offer those that visit the area. I also suggest my clients bring their fishing gear, as units such as the Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits offer some amazing fishing! It's often nice to take a short break at one of the many lakes that dot the Boulder Mountain, or maybe an extended fishing trip after the harvest has been made. The Boulder Mountain offers some of the best brook trout fishing in the country, as well as rainbow, tiger, splake, and cutthroat trout. Other units also offer similar opportunities such as Panguitch Lake, Tropic Reservoir, Red Creek Reservoir, and Fish Lake. Take advantage of such a great opportunity while you are here!

Did you draw a unit that is not on my list?

No worries! High Top Outfitters works with guides all across the state of Utah that have grown up roaming the hills of those units, just as I have done on the Boulder Mountain. High Top can match you with a guide for every unit and ever big game species in the state. These guys are great guides, and share my passions of hunting, commitment, hard work, and about making a hunt a memorable experience. Give me a call and I can put you in contact with one of them, or check out the High Top Outfitters website (below) for more information.

Let me answer your questions!

Part of my services and those of High Top Outfitters is free consultation. Before applying or after the draw, anytime, feel free to contact myself or High Top for 1 on 1 hunt consultation. We can discuss draw odds, harvest success, and unit specifics to help you find the hunt you are looking for. We can also talk about hunting packages, and tailor a hunt with a guide to your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you! Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Jason Porter: 435-616-2165

High Top Outfitters:
Jay Simon (Outfitter): 435-979-1486