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February 2nd, 2013

Wide Hollow Reservoir:  The ice is softening around the edges as the reservoir fills and temperatures warm.  Safe ice still exists, about 10-12" thick, however unless the weather changes drastically ice fishing will not last long.  Ice is usually gone by March.  Fishing is fair to slow, with fishing still being best in the early morning hours, or after dark.  Light colored jigs are still producing great results, in about 10-12 feet of water, just a few feet off of the bottom.  Some great fish are still being pulled in, ranging from 18-20" and fat.  Tipping jigs with shrimp and still fishing is proving a bit better than meal worms.

Boulder Mountain Lakes:  Access is poor to nearly all of the lakes, including Pine Lake, however it may be possible to get to lakes such as Pine Lake or Lower Bowns by ATV this year due to lower snowpack at those elevations.  No report on fishing however. Many roads are thawing, please use caution on those roads to avoid putting yourself in a bad situation, and to avoid tearing up the surfaces.

Panguitch Lake:  The lake now has nearly 18" of ice.  A week ago, there was a good amount of water on the ice, which turned to slush with the following storm.  That slush has now frozen for the most part, although you will still find some soft parts later in the day as it warms up.  Fishing has remained fair all winter this year.  Most fish being caught are rainbows between 12-18", and cutthroats in the slot limit, averaging 16-18".  Fishing is best in the early hours, but can still produce if you move around to find a spot that works.  Moving around to find the fish is key, try to get away from the crowded areas, and don't rule out the middle parts of the lake.  Access is fairly good, however be prepared to walk, or bing the ATV or snowmobile to escape the weekend crowds.  Last week fish were being caught in as little as 6 feet of water, up to 15'.  Success has seemed better on white tube jigs tipped with meal worm or shrimp, however reports of green and orange jigs working well have also been received.  White "paddle bugs" were successful for our group, with most fish being caught within a couple of feet of the bottom or right off of the bottom.  Fishing was fair for us (steady) but other anglers reported hot fishing and running out of bait as they fished more distant, harder to access portions of the lake. 

Here are a couple of past reports and information:

Remember the slot limit on cutthroat and tiger trout.  Fish of these species between 14-22" must be released.  Word of advice, 90% if not more of the fish you catch here will be cutthroat.  Look very carefully for the red slits under the head, near the gill slits.  A lot of the cuts there will fool you for rainbows!

 Never been to Panguitch Lake?  Check out this post for a bit of information on the area:

Otter Creek Reservoir: Fishing remains fair to hot at Otter Creek, with several reports of big rainbows still coming in.  There are a few reports of slow fishing, but these reports are received on the same day others report hot fishing.  Be willing to move around, try different depths and tactics, and remember quite often fish in Otter Creek are caught in as little as 4' of water and can be good in over 10' of water.  The ice varies across the lake, with reports of ice from 12-18" thick.  Use caution as the edges are quite soft with the rising temperatures and water level.  It is very normal to walk out on solid ice in the morning and find open water on the edge as you head in during the afternoon.  Fishing is good on all areas of the lake.  The bite is light this year, be patient and give the fish time to to take the jig or bait.  There have been many reports of just not being able to snag them when they are biting.  Light colored jigs tipped with meal worms, night crawlers, and shrimp have all been effective.  Hurry down before the ice is gone, as ice fishing is usually over here by late February.

Here's a little info on what you will find in the area around Otter Creek.  Be sure to stop by the Marina or swing into Antimony and hit up the Merc for a great meal!

 Pine Lake:   Access will be limited to snowmobile, but fishable ice should be present.
Follow this link for information on the Pine Lake area:

Fish Lake:  Over 18" of ice now covers Fish Lake.  Fishing success has tapered off lately, becoming fair to slow.  We fished the lake two times, 3 days apart the first day fishing was great, 3 days later it was very slow, one of the slowest days I have ever had at Fish Lake.  Best success has been reported away from the crowds, on the north end and east sides.  Access is still fairly good for ATV's, but could change with another storm forecast for this weekend.  For splake, target the weedline, in about 30' of water.  Move around if you haven't had success, our success last week came by moving 30 feet closer to shore, however the water was the same depth there as where we moved from.  It's not always a depth issue at Fish Lake, but location relative to the weedline as well.  Splake were near the bottom in about 30-35' of water, and success was best with white paddle bug jigs.  Tube jigs of the same size did not produce a single fish!  Occasionally jigging lightly followed by a pause brought most success.  Perch fishing was fast in about 10-15' of water on small jigs with meal worms, orange jigs being the best.  Often perch were caught without bait as well.  For lake trout, move out to water ranging from 80-105', use larger jigs tipped with cut bait.  Jig the jig off of the bottom a few times to stir up some silt (helps attract them) then reel up a couple of times and jig softly.  Mostly pups are being caught this year.  A fish finder helps greatly to locate the lake trout.  For rainbows, use your fish finder to find the depth that they are suspended in water between 25-45 feet deep.  Again, light colored jigs and cut bait works well.

Check out Fish Lake:

The Utah DWR has also updated their Southern Region Fishing report this week.  Check it out at:

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