Southern Utah Hunt and Fish was started in 2011 as a way for our family to network our outdoor adventures with family and friends in Southern Utah.  Wherever we travel, we find ourselves telling stories of our experiences in the outdoors.  The site has rapidly grown to a much larger network, as outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country stop by to check out what Southern Utah has to offer, and to share their stories with us as well.

Although focused on one of the most beautiful areas in the world, we also share information about recreational opportunities throughout the west, as well as tips, recipes, news/events, product reviews, and much more!  Our goal is to share fun experiences and ideas to "inspire" others to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer!  We value our readers and strive to keep our content new and exciting.  We also love to share content that our viewers submit about their experiences in the outdoors.  There truly is something for everyone here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish.

So, who reads Southern Utah Hunt and Fish?

We are very fortunate to have a very diverse group of viewers on our site!  From hunters and fishermen, tourists, photographers and bloggers...those that love cooking, hiking, camping, and even gardening there is something for everyone here!  This is a place for all that are passionate about outdoor recreation to share and receive ideas to enhance their next outing! 

Why advertise with Southern Utah Hunt and Fish?

Southern Utah Hunt and Fish will connect you with a vast network of outdoor enthusiasts, bloggers, and outdoor retail specialists throughout the web.  Our site is a member of numerous blogging communities, and followed by dozens of fellow bloggers. We are also networked with dozens of outdoor websites and publications.

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We aggressively use social media to push your product at no extra charge!  When you advertise with us, we will broadcast your product or business to hundreds of followers through status updates, tweets, notifications, and emails.  Through these networks your product or business will reach hundreds (if not thousands) of people per day!

Check out what Vortex Optics has to say about advertising with SUH&F:

"SU Hunt and Fish is not only a great site but a fantastic place to let Customers know about new and upcoming products.
Jason Porter spends a lot of time so his readers can get a great idea of what they are buying before the purchase.
SU is a valuable piece of Sales and Marketing combined into a website that we plan on using for many years to come."

Keep up the good work.
All the best
Shamus Terry
International Sales Manager

And Again:

 "The review that you did on SU with the Razor Spotter was a Home Run!!! We have gotten some great feedback and people excited to see the product-"

Want to know more about the type of ads, stats, and advertising opportunities we offer?

We offer several advertising offers to best fit your needs!  

Special:  Currently, we offer advertising options that include an image from 100x100 pixel to 250x250 pixel of you choice, linked to your homepage to display in our sidebar.  As a NEW advertiser, we will create 1 post for your product or company to be displayed on the home page for 3 days, with purchase of ad space in the sidebar for at least a 30 day period.  Contact us for pricing information and details.

If you are looking for a larger ad, or wish to discuss length of an ad's run period please contact us for more information.  At this time we do not offer pay-per-click advertising or paid link options. 

We offer ad placement time frames from 1 week to 3 months, 6 ,months, or a year.  We also offer discounts for local businesses.  We are also willing to talk about offers to advertise in exchange for product.  After all, we would rather be highlighting our sponsor's products in the field!

Payment can be made via secure Pay Pay invoice (that we can email directly to you) or we can mail the invoice and you may pay by check.

We also are willing to negotiate product for advertising.  These deals are great if you have a new product you are trying to get onto the market, or simply just trying to expand your business by getting your products out there in the public eye more.  We enjoy these deals, and enjoy promoting your products as we hit the field, and then sharing those items through posts, video, and social media.  Please contact us directly for more information, questions, or proposals.  In our mind, these these deals are the best for the money (product) and the results.

Also, talk to us about giveaway opportunities for your products, through our site as a way to gain Facebook/Twitter followers, views to your website, or to get more recognition for your company or product.

Product Review:

Do you have a product that you wish to get out in the field for testing?  Contact us about product testing!  Your product will get into the hands of skilled hunters, fishermen, and all around outdoor enthusiasts in some of the most rugged, remote country in the US!  Do you have something you would like to see put to the ultimate test?  I am also willing to take your product on the road to wildland fire assignments, as we travel the west fighting nature's wrath during the hot summer months!  This is a great way to get your product tested, and noticed by the hundreds of men and women that fight our country's wildfires...and it can be a true test of durability for any product.  Feel free to browse through a few of our product reviews:

Eskimo "Fat Fish" Ice Shelters:

Also, talk to us about Logo Exchange opportunities with your outdoor business or website.  

Thank you for considering Southern Utah Hunt and Fish for your advertising needs!  We enjoy our relationships with our sponsors and advertisers, and we look forward to working with you!

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