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Welcome to our blog! 

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my family, who have so greatly
supported me in this adventure!

My name is Jason Porter.  My wife, Dayna and I have 3 sons, Braden, Dallin, and Jackson, and our daughter, Ashlynn.  We are raising our family in Escalante, Utah...the place we love most when it comes to the outdoors.  Dayna is also a native of southern Utah, she grew up in Garrison Utah.  Never heard of it?  Let's just say that her family moving away a few years ago took about 3/4 of the population with them!  We love to camp, hunt, fish, hike, boat, ride ATVs...just about everything you could think of in the outdoors.  In fact we rarely take vacations, as we would rather spend our time in the mountains here.  We hope that by sharing our experiences in the outdoors you can find some of the things we do use full to enhance your outdoor experience.  We hope this is also a place that you can come to share your experiences and ideas with others as well.  Please, email us your stories so that we can all "gather 'round the campfire" here and make some memories!

About the Author

I was raised in Escalante, Utah where I had the best childhood a kid could ask for!  My life was filled with memories of fishing and hunting the Boulder Mountain with my Grandpa, who you will probably see in my posts...he is still my #1 hunting and fishing partner!  I went to high school in Panguitch where I was fortunate to learn the Cedar Mountain and Dutton areas.  I have since lived in Ephraim, Cedar City, Kanab...and finally back to Escalante. 
When I'm not out in the hills I'm well...out in the hills!  I love my job, I am a fire engine Captain for the US Forest Service.  Yep, the perfect job for me, in the outdoors all the time.  It has also been very rewarding for me as I love to travel and see new places.  It has enabled me to visit some very remote areas in the west that I will never forget.  The downfall is the amount of fishing time that it takes from me!
My life is my family.  My kids are growing so fast...I have hopes that this page will also help me spend more time with them, as I do my best to keep it updated.  Thanks for stopping by!

Please check out this short video for a little visual tour of what SUH&F is all about!