Monday, July 11, 2016

LG 360 Camera Review

This is just one fun little camera:

About a month ago I was approached by the folks at Verizon about giving the LG 360 camera a demo in the field for National Trails Day. Honestly, I had never heard about National Trails Day before, or the LG 360 camera, in fact, as far as I knew, 360 photography was fairly new. I had just seen 360 photos appear on Facebook just weeks prior to this opportunity. So I was stoked to get out and give this camera a try. 

However, fire season kicked in, and I wasn't able to give the camera a worthy try until the 4th of July weekend. Before I get into the camera details, let me explain a bit about National Trails Day. We did get out and take a hike for National Trails Day, however we had some battery problems related to a phone, not the camera, so we were not able to give it a proper demo then. National Trails Day is just that, a day to get out and enjoy the nation's trails. Did you know there are over 200,000 miles of trails in the US? It occurs on the first Saturday of June every year. The day also consists of events at state and national parks, and you can also visit the National Trails Day website to create your own event! For our family, it was just good reason to get out and enjoy a short hike around Currant Creek Reservoir not far from another famous Utah water body, Strawberry Reservoir.

As far as the LG 360 Camera, our family had a blast testing this fun little camera out in the Nevada high country over the July 4th weekend. I wish we would have utilized the video shooting mode a little more; maybe next time, but we had a blast with the 360 photo mode! Check out our video over on our YouTube channel for the complete review:

I really love how compact and easy to use this camera is! When space is tight I don't want really bulky equipment with me, not a worry with this little gem! With the size though, I think it is important to lower your expectations just a bit. This camera is designed to shoot 360 photos and video. I read a lot of online reviews where people were disappointed with a few things such as zoom capability. True, it has very limited zoom, but again, that is not it's purpose! If you find yourself with this camera, enjoy it for what it was built for! 

I mentioned a few times that this technology is fairly new. The big draw back I have with this device is the ability to post the photos in true 360 format everywhere I want to post it, like here. A lot of programs just do not recognize the 360 format yet. I say yet, as I this again is new tech, and I think we will see the format take hold. Anyway, this is what I get when I upload to the program here from a saved file from my phone:

You can see that this photo (in 180 format) is really a 360 photo "rolled out" flat. The mountain in the background on the left side is the same as on the right side.

I did figure out how to get my photos uploaded to Facebook, as well as into Google Street View. I have also seen that YouTube carries the proper format for 360 videos, but as I mention in my review I did not get any 360 video on our demo, but I plan on testing that feature out more now that I know what I'm doing, and I'll throw a clip up on YouTube and here as soon as I get it!

Since at this time I haven't been able to post a 360 photo here on the blog in true 360 format, I would like to invite you to check a few of these photos out over on the Southern Utah Hunt and Fish Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to check out these photos. Once there, click on a photo and you should see a little "hand" icon appear. If you click and hold, you can drag the photos around to view them in a true 360 format. If you pull them up on your mobile device and open a photo, you can also stand in place and turn, seeing the photo in 360 degree format as you spin your body. 

For more on the LG 360 camera and to purchase the camera visit the Verizon website at for more information. You can find this camera there for just under $200, and you will also find all the specs, reviews, and a list of compatible devices there that work with the camera. I think it is well worth the money to enhance your photo and video experience, if you like to use a lot of different effects in your photo and video shooting like I do.

Be sure to check back as we will post more updates as we continue to learn more about what we can do with this awesome little camera! 

I would like to thank Verizon for this awesome demo opportunity! Check back soon as we will review at FitBit Blaze next, also courtesy of Verizon!