Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking Back, Our Top 5 Posts of All Time

It's hard to believe that it's been 2 years since we started this journey kind of on a whim, the materialization of a couple of quick thoughts about how rewarding it would be to start a blog where we could share our love of the outdoors, as well as involve others in sharing their adventures as well.  We also wanted it to be a place to exchange information, which has been one of the most rewarding parts of the journey as we have networked extensively through this site, Facebook, and Twitter, bringing us together with great new friends all across the country!  OK, so some of the information such as fishing reports has struggled a little, the time required to make that happen just hasn't been available with a full time job.  Maybe that can change down the road.

There have been a lot of events occur that we did not expect, however.  We've picked up some great sponsors, which has led us to participating in reviews of great outdoor gear and products, as well as contributed to amazing product giveaways!

But most importantly, this has been most rewarding because of YOU!  It's a pure thrill to read the stories and to check out the photos first before we share them here.  It's a great treat to read through the comments and see how far and wide you share our content.  Thanks so much for all you have contributed to what this is all about.

As we celebrate our second year (a little late as we are now 3 months into our 3rd year), we wanted to look back at our top 5 posts of all time.  Three out of the 5 top posts are products from our great sponsors!  We can also see that you all are big fans of our hunting/shed season previews.  I guess we know what we need to keep focusing on! 

Here are our top 5:

#5:  2013 Shed Antler Season

 OK, this may seem like old news now that we are into 2014, but check the post out as you will find much of this information still pertinent to hunting shed antlers in Utah this year.  The lack of snow will be a big game changer this year as the animals may shed at higher elevations than normal unless we get a pattern change in the weather soon!

 #4: Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder Review: 
This rangefinder was one of my favorite reviews.  OK, after it contributed to my taking a 354" bull elk this rangefinder's worth has definitely grown even more in my mind.  A positive review, I think if I went back I would add more about my satisfaction with it after this hunt.

#3:  Product Review: Vortex Diamondback Riflescope:  
 Yep, Vortex again.  It's clear to see that
Vortex is a favorite of our fans.  In fact, we have other Vortex reviews that are flirting with our top 10.  This riflescope is a favorite of many of our readers, especially those looking for a riflescope with great affordability while still having a product with superb quality.  And did you know there is a 2014 version coming out that has a few upgrades?  Maybe we will see a review of this new scope in the future!

#2:  Utah Spring Turkey Hunt Overview:  
 OK, again maybe this is old news.  This year's turkey hunting may be a bit different due to the dry conditions, but then again, spring of 2012 wasn't much different as the snows receded quickly.  Look for an update for 2014 in a couple of months.  Still, some great information on southern Utah turkey hunting!

#1:  Product Review: The New Eskimo "Fatfish" Ice Shelter:   Our all-time most viewed post has well over double the views of
our number 2 post!  I'm not sure what it is that is making this post a favorite, but it's an impressive feat!  Here we are nearing the end of ice fishing season, and if you are impressed with this review, thinking you might want to invest in this great shelter, the end of the season is a great time to seek a purchase!  Many outdoor stores are trying to clear inventory off of their floors right now as they prepare for the spring season.  It's a great time to get geared up properly and economically for next season.  Then again, there's still a good amount of season left th
is year too!

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