Monday, December 9, 2013

Bowery Haven Resort, Fish Lake Utah

If the topic of hot fishing waters comes up in Utah, you can be sure Fish Lake will probably be making the list of comments!  OK, maybe not "hot" water in a temperature sense, since it is on of the largest, deepest natural lakes in Utah, which lies in the mountain tops of Sevier county!  However, for hot fishing it's one lake that is hard to beat!  With a great diversity of fish species, and ample abundance of feed for those fish, Fish Lake has long been known for awarding anglers with impressive numbers of fish, as well as huge trophies!  In fact, Fish Lake holds a couple of current Utah state records, and has held those records in the past for a couple of species as well.  It is also home to my biggest catch to date, an impressive lake trout or "mackinaw" I caught there on the ice a couple of years ago.

Fish Lake is much more than a fishing destination!  It's just a great all-around area for a variety of recreational opportunities all summer long.  Check out this link from a post last year to learn more about all the opportunities that abound at Fish Lake:

One of it's appeals is that it is one of the few waters in southern Utah where you will find a few conveniences such as food, lodging, and boat rentals.  When it comes to those conveniences, the Bowery Haven Resort has long been at the top of the list to round off a Fish Lake experience! 

Not long ago while browsing Facebook I came across a post with some exciting news.  A friend of mine named Brad Nielson posted his announcement that he and his wife had purchased the Bowery Haven Resort!  With his news he shared his excitement for taking over the business, and also improving the property.  As Fish Lake is one of my favorite destinations, as well as a favorite of many of our viewers, I asked Brad if he could write up a piece to share some information about himself and family, as well as what we could expect to see from the Bowery this coming season.  Brad is also one heck of a good guy, and has contributed a good deal to our site (and even won a prize or two from our contests) so I wanted to help him spread the word about his new adventure. 

Here it is, straight from Brad: 

Hello, our names are Brad and Stephanie Nielson and we are the new owners of Bowery Haven Resort at Fish Lake, UT and we couldn’t be more excited! Bowery Haven is a small fishing resort in central Utah that sits on the north end of Fish Lake, just down the road from the main Fish Lake Lodge. We offer a full service marina, boat rentals, restaurant, cabin rentals, general store, and a full hook up RV park. The resort is open from early May to the end of September and reservations for 2014 will begin January 1st. 

Things should be similar as they have been in the past. Fish Lake is home to the famous “Mack” or “Laker”, known officially as lake trout, with some weighing in over 40 pounds. Besides fishing, there are many activities around Fish Lake: hiking, biking, four-wheeling, camping, hunting, scuba diving, snowmobiling, ice fishing and more. You can check out our website at for more information. Give us a call at 435-638-1040 or shoot us an email at with any questions. We would love to see you next year, so stop on by and say hello!

You can also check out the Bowery Haven Resort Facebook page where you will find frequent updates from Brad about the resort and Fish Lake itself.  Here you will find information on the coming year's rates for a variety of items such as lodging, camping (RV), and boat rentals.

Congratulations Brad and Stephanie, we look forward to seeing you there this summer!