Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Patience and Persistence

About a week ago Tim Barney shared a photo of his awesome 2013 Utah bull elk on our Facebook page.  One look at the awesome bull had me asking Tim if he would share the story of the hunt and of course, more photos with us on the blog.  Tim was very gracious to do so, writing up the story in his own words and sending it out to me just a couple of days later.  What an awesome bull and story that contributes to our string of amazing trophies that have been flooding in over the past few weeks!  This is no doubt my favorite time of year for writing on here as I get to see all of the great photos and hear the unique experiences shared.

Do you have a story to share?  If so, we would love to share it with our readers!  Just send your photos, stories, or details to and we will make it happen.  Don't be critical of your own writing!  Many folks are, and we understand!  It can be nerve-racking having your work out there.  We can even arrange a phone call where you share the details and we will compile your story for you!

Well, on to the good stuff!  Let's get right to the story and photos of this awesome bull!

The story goes like this...

I had been gone for two months before the hunt working a job I didn't expect to get. I had a week before the hunt but had a lot to get done. I didn't locate a particular bull to hunt although I had three locations that I knew would have promising bulls. The night before the hunt I was getting the trucks ready for the morning, when a friend of mine called and said he had located a bunch of bulls in one area and wanted to glass it with us in the morning.

We located a couple bulls after about ten minutes of glassing,  but they were over two miles away. We packed up the glass and headed up the canyon a distance and then got back on the scopes. We lost sight of those two but located three more. The one we figured was a good six. We moved up the canyon a ways further and set up my dad and brothers on a scope just under two miles from them. We dropped in the canyon and started up on foot. It took close to three hours to get to the point where we hoped to get a shot. It was 900 yards to the bulls from that area. The bulls however had moved into the trees and we couldn't locate them from there. My brother told us where they had went out of view and that he thought he could still see antler from the big six in the edge of the trees.

We decided to make a move to the ridge to the north and work our way up until we could locate them. We located antlers at 370 yards and set up only to watch him lay and chew his cud for about a half hour. I sent my one friend up the ridge to locate a better view point or to get above them and bump him. After a bit he came back saying we could get a shot from higher. We moved up to that location and glassed him for a bit to make sure he was what we wanted.. I set up my rifle in the open at 300 yards while they glassed from cover. I moved back out and we decided to try and smoke him in his bed. As I moved back to the rifle he decided to make a move. I got my scope on him as he started walking up the hill and I had a guy on the spotting scope telling me he was our shooter and the guy on the camera telling me he wasn't on it so I was patient.

Finally he stopped again and we still couldn't locate him in the camera so I decided to shoot anyway. I decided to go for heart then; far shoulder to keep him from going down hill into the steep ledges and timber. I clipped the heart, both lungs and destroyed that shoulder. He stepped up the hill a little bit and then started to get real sick but was still standing, so I put one more in the chest hitting both lungs again. That was ticket. Another half hour hike to get to him and four hours to get him caped, quartered and hiked the mile up to the top of the mountain. We had our spotters drive the trucks around to the top of the mountain while we hiked to him and prepped him to pack out. We spotted him at 7:30 and got him to the truck at 5:30. We covered 3 miles of rough terrain and climbed a little over 2000 feet in elevation.

It was a great hunt. The bull ended up with an extra on one side making him 6x7 and he scored at 371!

Congrats on a great trophy Tim, and thanks again for sharing!