Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Day Buck...Again

It seems like just a year ago we shared a story here from Spenser Owens that you would think is identical to the one we are sharing now.  It is remarkable to me how Spenser and Zach seem to have a steady trend of last day bucks.  I'm not talking "just a buck to fill a tag".  I'm talking true trophies that almost anyone would be happy to find any day of the hunt.  These guys are a couple of the most positive, consistent hunters I have had the privilege to hunt with!  I hope you once again enjoy this story from Spenser. 

Thanks again for sending it our way my friend!

My 2013 Last Day Buck

As many of you might know the Owens have a little  last day luck.  Normally  not me!  Normally I am tagged out within the first couple days.  Not this year.  Myself, my wife, my brother, and another hunting companion, Mike Marshall all had buck deer tags on the same unit  so we knew it was going to be fun.   

   My wife and I had seen plenty of bucks throughout the hunt and we had helped my brother and Mike both get their bucks early in the hunt.  My wife had never killed a deer before and she didn't want to shoot a little one first thing either.
Laura Owens 2013 Buck
So we hunted hard every day that we could possibly hunt and I was starting to get nervous by the last weekend.  As the hunt was coming to the last day, we had decided that we were not going to hunt trophy bucks anymore because we needed at least one meat buck.  My wife said she would shoot the next buck that we saw, so I decided to take her back to where we had been seeing lots of bucks in the early mornings.  Lo and behold, we drove up to a small point at daylight where we could glass a small drainage that usually produced a few bucks in it and standing 100 yards out from my wifes door was a couple of deer and as she pointed them out to me I noticed very quickly that one was not a real small buck!  He actually looked pretty good so I started to tell her to get out and shoot it, and not to look at its horns.  While I was watching it in my binos. she bailed out, off-hand, and bang!  She had double-lunged him!  He took three steps and fell over.  She had killed her first buck ever!   Not knowing what we had we slowly walked over to find a better buck than I thought.  It was a 21 inch wide 2X3, her first buck ever.  
After getting it loaded in the truck and on our way home, I set myself a goal that after the buck was taken care of I was going to go up into my favorite deer hunting country and spend the rest of the day hunting, walking, and glassing the high country.  So off I went.  I spent most of my day walking ridge tops and I hadn't seen a deer.  I heard my phone ring.  It was my brother Zach calling to tell me he was going to come up and glass a few ridges until dark in the same area I was just a little ways away to see if he could find something for me to shoot also.  So the day was getting closer to the end, and getting back to my four wheeler not expecting to get a deer this year I then heard a voice come over the radio.  It was Zach calling me saying I needed to hurry to get over to him cause he had spotted a great buck feeding in some cedars in the same direction I already was headed.  I had a ways to go to get over to him, so hustled over to where he was at and got in contact with him.  He then said he lost the buck but he figured it was still on the ridge, so we slipped over the top and got set up with maybe 40 minutes left of light.  
We sat there for what seemed to be forever and no sighting of the buck.  I then asked my brother where the exact spot the deer was when he last seen it and I told him he might want to move down the ridge to see if maybe he may have sneaked out below us.  As my brother got over to where he could see, I turn and looked at him just as he jumped up to run to get me.  There was a herd of deer feeding out into the bottom of a canyon.  I  hurried over there, got ready again and no buck!  Just three does!  My heart sank.  Dark growing near and  nowhere else for us to go to glass from, I figured he was gone; just as Zach pointed to the last deer feeding out of the trees.  It was the buck!  My brother said to me, "that's him, that's him"!  With a dead rest over the pack, I let him get way out in the open.  In the back ground I heard Zach say, "shoot him in the spine so we don't wound him".  As the buck stopped I placed the cross hairs on his spine and squeezed the trigger.  Bang!  The buck jumped sideways.  I had missed, I over shot him.   So quickly I racked another shell in and put it behind his shoulder and whack, the buck dropped in his tracks!   With a little light left for a pic or two we ran to the bottom to find what I thought was just a nice buck was a big heavy 5x4 buck that was over my expectations for any last day buck!
Congrats on a couple of sweet bucks, and a great year of hunting success Spenser!  Keep that last day luck going!