Friday, November 15, 2013

13 Year Itch, Part 2

Wow!  I was just checking out the stats from the 3 days the first part of "13 year Itch" was up on the blog and all I can say is amazing!  This is one of the most viewed posts we have ever had on here.  No wonder it is so when you look at the quality of the production!
Chet Barney, 2013 general season buck

It's been good to get back to work here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish!  The last week has been phenomenal for me as I have seen a bunch of awesome pictures post to our Facebook page, as well as a few stories grace the email inbox that I am excited to share in the coming days and weeks!

2013.  For the superstitious you would think this would be the year to avoid when it comes to drawing and hunting.  But for many including myself this year was described by just one word; epic!  I was involved with the harvest of 2 great bull elk, scouted and hunted 2 more big bull hunts, watched my closest friends take 3 amazing bucks, my wife smoke a nice buck with all the kids there to witness and enjoy, and we still have a cow elk hunt to go!  I have to wonder if I personally will ever see such an action packed year like this ever again.  Well, I'm sure going to try!

For Steve Barker, I'm sure he would describe it much the same.  Steve had an amazing archery elk hunt (but I'm not going to give details as we await the video!) and he just told me about a great whitetail deer hunt to Canada where he scored another great trophy!  Hopefully we will see that story soon as well!  For now, we can enjoy part 2 of this incredible video, and anxiously await part 3, which is still in the works.  Good news is in the mean time we have a lot of great content to keep rolling out.

Here you go, part 2 of the "13 Year Itch".  I know you will enjoy it!