Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013: An Epic Hunting Season!

The 2013 Utah Big Game Draw was very kind to us here at SUH&F!

That's right, after an 11 year wait I have drawn a Utah limited entry bull elk tag, which I will be hunting with a muzzleloader this year.  However, that's not the full story!

 That's right, our good friend Zach Owens has also drawn a late-season rifle limited entry bull elk tag as well!  But that's still not the full scoop of what awaits for this hunting season!

In addition, between myself, my wife, and grandpa we also hold 3 Utah general season deer tags...but that's still not all!!!

We have also been asked to accompany and help out another friend in town that drew out on a Utah once-in-a-lifetime desert bighorn sheep tag!  Dean drew this tag on his first attempt, a feat that takes most individuals 15-20 years!  Is that all?  Nope, there's still more!

To wrap up the summary, by brother-in-law also drew a Nevada rifle mule deer tag, which we will try to accompany along with all these other hunts.  Additionally, our good friend Ryan Dastrup's lucky streak of drawing tags continues as he drew a Utah limited entry archery bull elk tag.  We have high hopes of seeing the story on a bull that he takes here on our site!

But that's still not all!  A lot of big bulls are hitting the dirt this year, as a family friend has also drawn a Utah limited entry rifle bull elk tag, which we will be along for!  I'm looking into starting a support group for the hunting widows this year, as we look to be chasing mule deer and elk from August to November in 2 states! 

Of course I am tagging along several of these hunts to try my hand at filming, but I will also have my hands full trying to find 3 big bulls, 3 good bucks, and a desert bighorn!  The exciting part for me is that my good friend, Steve Barker of Cedar City, Utah will be tagging along to film my hunt.  Steve does an amazing job with a camera, as he has great equipment, quite a bit of training, and a ton of experience when it comes to hunting! 

I hope you check often as we post the adventure from start to finish.  I want to do the best I can of showing you my experience with my elk hunt from start to finish.  We are just in the process of getting a few trail cameras out, and more serious scouting will begin within days.  Check back as I keep you updated on what I am finding!

We have high hopes of compiling our first complete hunting video this year, complete with scouting footage, narration, interviews, and we hope above all, kill shots!  I am excited to share my journey with you, and above all, I hope it helps out future hunters.  I fully intend to share not only the highs of the hunt, but also the lows and struggles we all face as we search for a trophy.  I also greatly appreciate my friends and family that have drawn out that are inviting me along on their hunts and for being able to share them here as well!

With this exciting season approaching, we are also in the process of making some changes here.  You may have noticed it has been a while since a post.  I have done a lot of searching lately on which direction I want to take things with SUH&F.  While I want to share my Utah adventures, I have a great desire to broaden our viewership, and to interact more with folks here from across the country.  We fully intend on keeping a page dedicated to Southern Utah, but want to highlight more the simple things of the outdoors that benefit all.  We want this to be a place for the average outdoorsman, the beginner, and the pro.  We really want to focus on those things that will help beginners want to get out there, while allowing the rest of us to share in good times and great products.  We also want to focus more on family, especially on starting our kids out early with a love for the outdoors.  We have noticed a big change on our own kids as we have focused more on simple things lately, and I'm getting a lot of great feedback that these are the kinds of things folks want to hear to help their own families out!

Keep in mind we will keep up our traditions here of sharing trophies and hunting stories as well!  We are going to try to have at least 3 different themes a week, from basic topics to more advanced...something for everyone! 

Our hang up, we are still looking for a new name to kick this off!  We have a couple of ideas, and when we have 5 put together (we need a couple more) we will post them in the right sidebar in the form of a poll for you all to vote!  Please offer up any name suggestions on our Facebook Page!  We are endeavoring to create something that will grow larger that what we have now, with hopes of being able to increase the frequency and types of giveaways to you, our viewers and fans!  If we can get a solid foundation we also have hopes of designing an awesome logo, and kicking out some stickers, decals, and maybe a simple line of apparel!

Above all, we don't want to loose those of you already drawn here for Southern Utah information!  As stated, we will maintain a side page full of Southern Utah information and stories!  The great thing with all of this is that we are also looking for a few folks that can contribute to writing and posting here.  Think you have what it takes to "blog" about the outdoors?  Please shoot us your contact information and a short "resume" if you will of your outdoor experience, along with what you believe your writing can contribute to our site!  Send that info to us at  We will collect your names and information over the next few weeks, and look forward to choosing some new authors for our new site!

Thanks you all for your support!  Change will come gradually, and with time, and until then please check back as we have some great posts lined up for the coming week!

On one last note, I want to share this photo of our grand prize winner of our latest contest, our 2013 shed photo contest.  Kade Nielsen is sporting his new pair of Vortex 10x42 Diamondback binoculars and Vortex hat!  According to his dad, Phil, this young man is pretty stoked about his prize! We look forward to our next contest, which is just around the corner!