Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Shed Photo Contest Results!

Back in March we started this exciting journey, collecting your shed photos about as soon as they started to drop and displaying them on our Facebook page and here on the blog.The comments and participation by everyone has been exciting to follow as well.  Speaking of comments and "likes", Spenser Owens of Panguitch, Utah picked up the first prize of our contest a couple of weeks ago, the $50 credit to the Phone Skope store!  He gathered the most likes in the album for the first photo submitted to the contest.  Way to go!

 It has been great to watch these photos come in, and to be honest, it has made me quite jealous as I have not been able to get out much myself this spring with work, school, and coaching baseball!  I know there's still some out there though, and I'll be getting some time back soon!

I know the wait has been long awaited, but once again it took our judges a little time to go through the photos and come up with their overall favorites that will be awarded prizes!  Just like our "Bucks, Bulls, and Fins" contest back in December, our judges once again had their work cut out for them with so many great photos submitted!  I want to thank our judges once again for their time, and offer up a HUGE thanks to all those that participated in our contest!  And where would we be without our amazing sponsors?  Thanks to Vortex Optics for donating the grand prize, the 8x42 Diamondback binoculars, Phone Skope for the $50 store credit, and Dixie Gunworx for the Magpul sling.

Now, here's our top 10 entries!  Keep in mind all of these photos came out very close in the judging.

Number 10:  Derrick Barnson

 Number 9:  Tyler Gower

Number 8:  Carson Gubler

Number 7:  Spenser and Zach Owens

Number 6:  Canyon Owens

Number 5:  Spenser Owens (again).

Number 4:  Shane Shakespear

Now on to our top 3, the prize winners!

Number 3:  Kayden Behling

Our judges loved this picture for the size of this set, the amazing backdrop, and the excitement on Kayden's face as he poses with this nice set of elk sheds.  For third place, Kayden picks up the Magpul gun sling from Dixie Gunworx!

Number 2:  Derrick and Jared Woolsey

This find is about as unique as they come by!  Jared sends us this twisted set found by his brother Derrick Woolsey.  This one is a one of a kind find, and leaves a lot to the imagination.  The judges were really taken by this one, something you may never see again!  Second place nets the Garmin Rhino GPS unit, sponsored by us here at SUH&F!

Number 1:  Our grand prize winner is...Phil Nielson!

This photo was an instant favorite of our judges!  This is what shed hunting is all about here, early season, some snow still on the ground, getting boot tracks out in the hills early on!  Of course, one major draw to this photo for our judges was the seriousness of this young man as he hauls in this big elk antler.  He's all business, isn't he?  We sure enjoy seeing photos of the next generation of outdoors men and women out and about it!  We had a lot of photos that highlighted this idea throughout the contest, and we admire our viewers that are starting 'em young! 

Phil is the winner of the Vortex Diamondback 10x42 binoculars!

Congrats to all of our winners, and to those that were almost there we want to thank you for making this contest a close one!  For those that didn't make the final cut, please know all of your photos were great!  I wish we had a prize for everyone.  We greatly appreciate everyone that participated in the contest.

Winners, please send us a Facebook message, or shoot us an email to with you contact information (addresses) and we will get the information to the sponsors so you can collect your prizes!