Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Springtime Success!

Hello everyone, man, I have to tell you May is off to a great start for many of our viewers!  I've been excited to open email and to log on to Facebook this week to be greeted by quite a few amazing photos submitted by our viewers.  Now I'm just hoping that I can get out there and get in on some of the action myself!  This fits right in with our recent posts on how good of a year it should be at Panguitch Lake and the recent success at Navajo Lake!

So enough with my rambling on, check out these photos recently submitted by viewers!

Ryan Dastrup bagged this beautiful tom this weekend, in fact on Mother's Day.  Helped by hunting partner Spenser Owens, they called this tom in and brought him down.  In Ryan's own words, "I didn't screw up this morning!".  Great job bud, what a great bird!

Turkey hunting can be very tough, but success has been high this year.  I don't know if anyone has made it look easier than Zach Owens did, however.  Zach tells us that this bird gobbled right outside of their camp while they were cooking dinner, and he was able to slip out and call the tom right in!  What a great bird, and it doesn't get any better than having the family there to be a part of it!

The Owen's boys have had a good deal of success this year!  Check out these brown trout that Zach and his family got into a couple of weeks ago!

We aren't through with that Owens success yet!  Check out this set of sheds that Zach shares for us, found by his brother Spenser Owens.  What a set!

Now back to fishing!  Toby Gutierrez tells us that Wide Hollow fishing is still great this spring!  Check out this nice catch that just took a few hours!

Zachary Christensen also sends us a couple of photos of beautiful fish caught recently in a southern Utah stream by he and his girlfriend.  Man, a girl that catches fish like that has got to be a keeper bud!

Finally, we will end things with sheds.  As we do so, for those that are anxious we are nearly finished judging those photos submitted in our shed photo contest.  Hang in there, we should have an announcement soon! 

One look at this picture makes me wonder how did this bull end up in this situation?  I sure would have liked to see him when he was still packing, lucky for him he was able to drop the tangled mess of wire with his antlers!