Monday, April 1, 2013

Wilderness Athlete, Week 2 in the Books

I've been trying to find the perfect word to sum up my feelings on Wilderness Athlete so far, I think I'll go with Incredible for this week!  Take a look at that scale:

Down another 2 pounds this week!  I was hoping for a bit more, but I realize I am hitting that 225 pound wall that I have been fearing since the beginning.  That being said, I am feeling very good about chipping my way through it this week.  I don't think I will be destroying it in one big shot, heck, that's not a healthy way to loose weight anyhow.  I do have confidence that with just about 2 weeks to go I will be getting very close to that goal of 220!

While 2 pounds doesn't seem like much, the inches gone paints the real picture.  I'm down another 3.5" this week, for a total of  7 3/4" over the duration of the program!  I'm feeling great, still tons of energy, no hunger pains, and I'm feeling great all around.  Let me break the week down again, from our last post:

Friday-Sunday:  What a weekend!  We took Wilderness Athlete on the road to Lake Powell, where we enjoyed a great weekend of fishing for striped bass!  I was a little hesitant to keep with it down there, as I thought I would need a lot more fuel in the tank for 3 days of daylight till dark fishing.  Well, I stuck to the program fairly well, just a little extra morning and afternoon snack, other than that I held to it well.  The one downfall was breaking coach Paulsen's rule of not eating after 7 PM, which was tough by the time we got back to camp to eat dinner each night after filleting between 40-60 fish each day!  It was a great trip, and I'm glad I had the complete 28 day challenge kit with me to fuel the experience!

Monday:  I hit the gym for another chest and arms workout in the early morning.  I usually struggle with motivation a bit when I work out in the early hours, but with some "Hydrate and Recover" to power me I actually increased my weights 10 pounds from last week and pushed through a great workout!

Awesome sunset during the run!
Tuesday:  To be honest, it took some motivation to get out and run!  I got home late from a meeting, but after a lunch that was a little more than it probably should have been, I talked myself into a run out the Alvey Wash south of my house again.  Still fighting a sinus infection, I had my mind set that I would be lucky to get in 3 miles.  A mile-and-a-half out, started feeling the "Hydrate and Recover" doing it's work (along with the ibuprofen).  I had a little self-pep talk about not getting big results without big effort, and a little pain.  So, I stretched it out to 4 1/2 miles.  This isn't a big increase from the 4 I have been running, but it was enough to feel it the rest of the week!

Wednesday:  Of course was basketball night again; another solid 2 hours of full court ball.  It was a rough start on the aching knees and shins from yesterday's run, but after a bit I was able to kick it into high gear.

Thursday:  Another workout at the gym, this time focused on abs and core.  This is the day I weighed myself in at 225.2. 

Friday:  We hit the hills for anther day of shed hunting.  A few trips up and down one nasty peak, one of our favorite spots and man, the legs were like Jello!  Top this off with a few episodes of pulling my wife's ATV out of snow drifts and I think it was a great day of burning lots of calories.

Saturday and Sunday:  With the Easter weekend I toned things down a bit, just a lot of good time in the outdoors with family!  It's hard to control yourself on a diet when everyone is together for a good dutch oven/BBQ, but I feel like I restrained myself fairly well! 

Great running partner!
I still can't say enough about my mornings!  Starting off with a "blaze" (combo of Energy and Focus along with Hydrate and Recover), this mix of Mango-Bango and Berry flavor give me a huge energy boost to begin the day.  I follow that up 15 minutes later by a shake infused with "Green Fusion" and I find that I am more awake, alert, and energized throughout the mornings, whether I'm up at 5 AM or 7 AM, I am pretty solid until lunch time.  It's sure helped me be more productive during that 10-12 stretch where I usually seem to run out of gas in the mornings!

With each passing week I can honestly say that my approval of Wilderness Athlete continues to grow.  I have had a few of you ask if I have to say that due to advertising and partnership with WA.  Well, the answer is no, I don't have to say that.  In fact, I would never brag a product up just because I have a deal with a business.  Our reviews here have always been 100% that, a review, not a supportive statement as a part of a deal.  If you are serious about shedding some pounds in a healthy way you have got to give Wilderness Athlete a shot.  You will love the results, and how you feel. 

I hope that if you have any questions about the products or programs that you will leave a comment, an email, or hit me up on Facebook.  I will do my best to answer those questions, or get you pointed in the direction to get the answers.  This 28 day program is just a sample of the many nutritional products available from Wilderness Athlete, check out their page for more great items!  I can't wait for my next order, as I check out some new flavors as I continue down this awesome journey.