Monday, March 25, 2013

"Cat Country" 3 Cats...2 Days!

What an amazing weekend!  We are just returning from an amazing fishing trip to Lake Powell, a weekend that I will never forget!  It's going to take a few days to get all of the photos, video, and a story compiled to share with you, but in the meantime we have a real treat!  Kelly Cox over at i-videowildlife shared this great video with me and gave the go ahead to share it with our viewers.  If you have not checked out his website yet, you really need to do so!  You will find it full of hunting video, photos, and stories that are worth your time for sure.  As Kelly puts it, "Feed your obsession!".  I would like to thank Kelly for sharing this with us.  Be sure to check out the site, and drop by to give his Facebook page a like as well to stay updated on the content of the site, and to connect with the great sponsors they have over there. 

Now, sit back and enjoy this great video of mountain lion hunting at its best, as Kelly works hard to get you a great video while trying to fill his lion tag as well.  We hope you enjoy it, and all that i-videowildlife has to offer as well!  A great site, and great people!

This video was uploaded from the i-videowildlife YouTube channel.  Be sure to check out all of the great hunting videos available on this channel!