Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wilderness Athlete, Kicking Off the 28 Day Challenge

About a week ago I had the privilege of welcoming Wilderness Athlete to our list of sponsors, as well as introducing them to you.  If you missed our first post giving an overview of what Wilderness Athlete is all about, you can follow this link to catch up:  At that time I was also excited to announce that I would be stepping up to the plate to take their 28 day challenge.  Well, I received my products a little over a week ago, but postponed starting until this week due to spending a week in the office, and eating out of restaurants as I was out of town that week.  I want to be able to give this program 100%, so I held off until this week to get started.  Here I am in just my 3rd day, and while results are still a ways off, I want to share my thoughts on the products so far to kick things off.

So I actually started Tuesday, as Monday I was back in the office and to lunch with my friends.  I feel like I am following the plan fairly well so far, apart from a couple of trips to lunch where I hope I didn't over do it.  But I will say, one thing I like about the program is that it's not a hunger program!  It actually encourages a decent breakfast, lean protein lunch, and again a lean protein dinner.  The key is cutting the sugars, fats, and processed foods.  So here's a little breakdown of my routine with the 28 day challenge.

Hydrate and Recover!
Upon waking up, I mix up a drink dubbed "the blaze" by wildland firefighters.  A quick side note here, another reason I love the program is that not only was it developed for the "Wilderness Athlete", but it also has had great success with wildland firefighters as well.  The best of both worlds for me!  Anyway, the blaze consists of a mixture of the "Hydrate and Recover" powder and the "Energy and Focus" powder, along with a couple of "Lean Life" pills.  The blaze is great for revitalizing the body with energy, and the pills act as hunger control.  The blaze is packed with vitamins and minerals, and I love the taste.  I also love the taste of the Hydrate and Recover on it's own, which is great to use before, during, or after a workout.  I will say, the blaze in the morning, and another in the afternoon provide me plenty of energy without the crash.  It's only been 3 days, but I've had a lot of late nights, early mornings, and a time change to deal with.  The energy boost is obvious, I'm loving the drink!

About 15 minutes after my morning blaze, I mix up a "Meal Replacement and Recovery" shake, and add in a scoop of the "Green Fusion".  OK, honestly, the Green Fusion smells like alfa-alfa cubes to me and I was skeptical mixing it in with the shake, but I did it as I want the results of this full serving of daily fruits and veggies.  The first shake didn't sit well with my taste buds, but I have to tell you, after this morning's shake I found myself wanting more.  The taste has grown on me and I like it quite a bit.  I'm a picky eater, so I hope that tells you something.  I also take my 2 multivitamins, and I'm on my way for the morning.

I haven't done so well with a snack at all mid-morning as suggested (fruits and veggies), in fact I've had no snack at all.  To be honest I rarely find myslef hungry before noon, which is odd for me.  I think the Lean Life pills are doing the job quite well. 

About 15 minutes before lunch it's another Lean Life pill, and another blaze (or just the Hydrate and Recover).  The program allows for you to tweak things.  Some mornings I only do a Hydrate and Recover (plus the shake), then a blaze at lunch.  Lunch at home is something light, a little brown rice, chicken, some lean protein source, or maybe a replacement meal shake if I'm in a hurry.  This week, with meetings and such I have went out to lunch and have eaten plenty.  So, I tweak things a bit, having a meal replacement shake instead of dinner.

Again, the mid-afternoon snack has not been necessary for me as I have not had the urge to eat!

Dinner time calls for 12-16 ounces of water before I eat, no starches for dinner.  Again, a lean protein source is recommended, and wild game is a great one so bring on the deer or elk!  No snacking after 7:00 is a must, and again in 3 days I haven't had the urge as I usually do!

Again, it's only been 3 days, but I like the path I'm on and it hasn't been that hard at all!  I've recently tried the Herbalife diet, and while I love the shakes, I had experienced frequent food cravings and hunger, as well as ups and downs in energy that I found it hard to control.  My 3 days of Wilderness Athlete have given me more energy than I've had in a long time, no crashes, and lots of motivation!  It's been hard with the time change and work priorities to get up early to work out, but after I get the Hydrate and Recover (or a blaze) into me, I feel like I'm raring to go!

So here's where I start off.  This morning I finally got to a scale and I'm weighing in at 232.  That's not horrible for 6'4", but I should at least be down around 220.  This has been a hard weight for me to hit the past few years.  I can get 225, but struggle for more before bouncing back up, often to as high as 240-245!  Yes, super embarrassing to admit that!  I have a list of measurements and next week we will see how those are comparing to this week, as well as the weight.

Here's how my workouts have broken down this week.  I started Tuesday, and honestly with work was unable to hit the gym, take a run, or anything.  I did a bit of lifting of steel pipe for about 30 minutes, other than that and packing a few boxes up stairs the day was kind of a wash.  Wednesday was a very long, tiring day in the office and seat of a truck, but I was able to end the night on a good note, 2 hours of pretty intense basketball.  It was a great workout!  Today I hit the weights at the fitness center for 50 minutes, focusing on chest and abs through machine weights, crunches, and push-ups.  I'm feeling the 50 minutes of it today, especially after basketball tonight.  Tomorrow, I plan at least a 3 mile run (hopefully more if I can control the cough from the cold I've had) and Saturday will be hiking!  I hope for good results next week!

So what's my goal?  Well, I was shooting for 220, but after seeing the scale at 232 today I want to see me dip under the 220 mark in a month's time, even if it is only 219!  It's a lofty goal, and I hope the weather and work cooperate to allow me to reach it!  One thing I will mention about the 28 day challenge, it doesn't call for strenuous workouts, just an "active lifestyle"!  A solid workout program can be a real challenge for many of us with work, kids, sports, church and community activities, and so much more.  If I can stay active, work out 100% when I can (and strive to do it 5-6 days a week), and stick to the plan above I should see great things.

So, I'll be reporting my results, but I will say you aren't going to see the normal half-naked before and after photos that you usually see from things like this.  I will try to get photos, but until things change a bit it won't be very revealing!  Nobody wants to see all of this right now (if ever!).  I looke forward to sharing more of Wilderness Athlete with you!  Thanks for the support. 

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