Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wilderness Athlete

We would like to welcome our newest sponsor and partner, Wilderness Athlete!  In case you haven't already notices, their logo now appears in our right sidebar, where you will find it linked to their website.  We are excited about this new sponsor, as we seek to find ways to diversify our website to more than just hunting and fishing.  Physical fitness and well being is a highly necessary component to all outdoor activity, and we really feel that Wilderness Athlete will get us started down a road where we can combine physical fitness, exercise, and nutrition into our content.  So, just what is Wilderness Athlete?
well, let's back up to about 6 months ago.  I had first seen Wilderness Athlete on Facebook, as they followed our page there, and commented a few times on content.  Quite honestly I didn't know much about it, other than it looked like another one of those meal replacement weight loss programs, and I was already trying the Herbalife diet which seemed similar.  I had fairly good results with that diet, until a tighter winter budget and a bit of laziness set in this winter.  So I really didn't give it much more thought than that until New Years. 

At a family get together, my brother, Brett Madsen asked me what I knew about Wilderness Athlete.  I told him what I knew from Facebook, and how I had seen other hunters such as Kristy Titus, and Kelly over at i-Video Wildlife had been using it and seemed to like the results.  Brett informed me that the guy that kind of started it all was Mark Paulsen, who was Brett's strength and conditioning coach when he played football at the University of New Mexico.  Now Wilderness Athlete had my attention.  Brett said that coach Paulsen's weight loss and conditioning plans were amazing, and encouraged me to look into it.  I'm still not sure if that was a "hint" towards my condition, or if he was trying to help me out here on the blog!  Anyway, he suggested that I talk to Mark and see if we could work something out with Wilderness Athlete.

Well, considering I needed to loose at least 10 pounds, 20 optimally, I sent an email to them to see that we could work out.  The outcome, I'm going to be doing their 28 day challenge and recording my results in exchange for some sponsorship!  More to come on that in a bit.

Again, what is Wilderness Athlete?  I have found out that it is much more that just a weight loss program.  This is a nutritional program.  It's not just about loosing weight, although this 28 day challenge will accomplish that.  It's about taking care of your body.  One product that is highly touted in the outdoor community right now is the Hydrate and Recover product.  It focuses on getting vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals back into your system to boost energy and metabolism.  From Mark Paulson (from the WA website):

The 28 Day Challenge is about providing people with solid nutrition,” said Mark Paulsen, the Founder of Wilderness Athlete and the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of New Mexico. “Exercising is extremely important when you want to lose weight but eating the proper diet is crucial.  Our 28 Day Challenge promotes a healthy diet by providing supplements and meal replacement products that offer sound nutrition. Combine these products with exercise and people can quickly lose weight.” From the great tasting Meal Replacement Shakes, the Multi-Vitamins that contain the vitamins and minerals a person needs, the Green Infusion’s 6 servings of fruits and vegetables, to the Hydrate & Recovery and the Energy & Focus drinks, this system contains everything a person needs to start eating right. This is the first step in living a healthier lifestyle.

This is a very complete package, everything needed (except exercise of course) to condition your body!  What I am excited to be hearing that if you follow Paulsen's plan, this product will provide you plenty of energy throughout the day, something that I have found other products to be lacking in.  I also like the idea of the green fusion supplement when we talk nutrition.  Guys, you can ask my family and friends, I don's eat a lot of fruits and veggies.  Truth is I don't graze much at all.  I can stay away from sugars and junk, but I love meat and pastas!  I don't have a very good nutritional balance and I know it.  I look at this 28 day challenge package; meal replacements, hydrate and recover, green fusion, lean life (for the weight loss) and the multi vitamin, this is a very complete package for great nutrition.  The energy and focus drink is also there to provide that energy that I can't seem to find in other weight loss programs.  This no-crash formula is not only intended to provide energy, but also contains vitamins and carotenes that aid in rebuilding damaged tissues, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory your your joints and muscles.

This is just a handful of the many products available.  You will also find Joint Advantage, a product to help with cartilage, joint flexibility, and blood flow to those joints, Altitude Advantage to help you condition for those high altitudes, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Pre-Workout, Protein Plus and more.  Also be sure to check out the great looking apparel available there.  I can't wait to sport this fine looking hat they sent me as well!

These products are especially tailored for the outdoor athlete; hunters, fishermen, hikers, bikers, firefighters, and just all around athletes as well.  Mark Paulsen is not only an experienced coach and trainer, but also an avid outdoors man.  He developed these products with you in mind.  I see the successful athletes that came out of the UNM football program and I can't help but think a lot of time and expertise has gone into fine tuning these products for great outcomes.  I mean, he trained guys that went onto the NFL like Brain Urlacher.  Amazing!

I look forward to starting my 28 day challenge on March 11th.  I'll be holding off until I can give it 100% for 28 days, and with sitting in meetings all next week I didn't think now is the time.  This isn't easy for me; I admit I am not in the best shape right now, and I am uncomfortable sharing pictures of myself and the scale results.  I have committed to doing this though, not just for Wilderness Athlete,  not just for the blog, but mainly for myself as I need to get in better shape and take care of my nutrition.  So, I will be posting once a week during the 28 days on my progress.  I realize there may be some "whoas" or even some laughs, but that's OK.  We have great viewers and as a friend pointed out, our fans are probably one of the best support groups a guy can ask for.

Be sure to head on over to Wilderness Athlete's web page to see all they have to offer, and check out more about the company.  I'll try to highlight the individual products I am using as we go along as well, and I'll share some exercises, cooking (recipes and tips) and more with you as well.

Thanks again to Wilderness Athlete in sponsoring SUH&F!  We are excited to have you aboard!