Monday, January 28, 2013

Steve Barker, 2012 Season Hunting Video

Greetings from cold and snowy Boise!  I hope everyone is well and getting excited about spring turkey hunts, as well as shed antler hunting.  Additionally, I hope all of you hunting Utah this year (or hoping to) are getting excited about the application period which opens this Friday, February 1st!  Visit and click on the big game tag to access the hunting guidebook, as well as to buy licenses and to apply online.

Speaking of getting excited about hunting, my good friend Steve Barker sent me a short video that he put together highlighting the 2012 hunting season for Steve and his hunting buddies.  If you missed it last winter, Steve contributed a post where he explained the fun and how-to of creating your own hunting video,  Going back to hunting applications, Steve also submitted this great post about planning out your hunting activities, and how a little research an planning can have a lot to do with you being successful in hunting more often.  Check out the post:

I was excited when Steve called to say he had another video for us, and I will have to say that this one one-ups the video from last year in my mind!  Excellent graphics and effects, and just great times makes this one awesome video.  We hope you enjoy it, and thanks again Steve for sharing it with all of us at SUH&F!

Follow this link to view the video in excellent HD format: