Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Southern Utah Bucks and Bulls

This winter is one to remember for sure!  Here in Southern Utah we find ourselves in the grasp of some of the most bitter cold conditions that we can recall in many years!  It's not so much just the cold temperatures, but the duration this year.  We have seen lows below zero now for over a month with little relief in site.  This is not all bad, however.  Snow totals are a bit on the light side this year, so there is great access to many deer and elk winter grounds that have been difficult to access over the last few record-snow setting winters.  However the lack of snow also leaves the herds a bit more scattered.  For those willing to brave the cold and put the miles on the truck this is an excellent time to observe wildlife.

We have a few photos submitted by Spenser Owens of Panguitch, Utah to share today, along with a bit of video that I have captured over the last week of some local bucks.  One thing I have noticed as I have been out is the way the deer are acting.  Keep in mind as you head out that this is one of the most critical times of year for deer and elk as they struggle to feed to keep the energy to survive through the extreme elements during the coldest part of winter.  Please be ethical and try to keep your distance to limit the stress as these guys try to survive.  With shed antler gathering season just around the corner this becomes even more crucial.  Quite often folks try to get their ATV's and horses wherever they can in and around the herds to try to score quality antlers, sometimes even running bucks in hopes that they will drop.  Please gather your antlers ethically, and as well remember the rules of the land agency for where you are gathering.  Spring is the time of year where traffic can most likely damage roads and terrain (for those that seek to travel off of roads).  Our travel continues to get more and more restricted all the time on federal ground, let's seek to obey the laws in place in hopes that maybe the agencies will stop placing more restrictions on us due to resource damage.

With that being said, Southern Utah Hunt and Fish is looking forward to getting some great video for you on ice fishing tips, techniques, and gear this week as we look to hit a favorite deep water lake twice over the next week and a half!  We are hoping to score a couple of trout species, perch, and hopefully even tie into some nice lake trout!  The cold temperatures have capped lakes and provided over a foot of solid ice on most lakes throughout Utah over the last 2 weeks, and reports at most lakes are of great fishing.  Be sure to click the "fishing reports" tab for updated conditions on a few lakes in our area, and be sure to submit any reports you may have to us at suhuntandfish@gmail.com.