Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: The Year of the Fish!

 Hey there all of you fishermen, have we got a big announcement to share with you today!  We would like to welcome our newest sponsor to Southern Utah Hunt and Fish, ReelSonar!  Never hear of ReelSonar?  Of course you haven't, this is a brand new company, with a brand new product.  Today ReelSonar is officially kicking off their product, and SUH&F is very fortunate to be one of the first websites in on the fun to share this new exciting product that is sure to take the fishing community by storm!

2013 is the year of the fish!  Well, at least for ReelSonar, a fun and exciting new company. 

ReelSonar is a portable sonar fishfinder for your smartphone or tablet that consists of a smart bobber and complimentary app. The system maps the waterbed, reports water conditions, connects you to the fishing community and tags fishing hotspots. 
For $100 you can have some fun, catch your limit and literally outsmart the fish. 

Check out this short video about the ReelSonar: 

For $100 you can have some fun, catch your limit and literally outsmart the fish.
Be a part of the pre-buy early product release of ReelSonar on IndieGoGo starting on 1/8/2013! One will receive the ReelSonar smart bobber and app for a pledge of $79.99 (including domestic shipping). Accessories coming soon!

Again, this is a presale of the product, you are getting to see this product before most people will ever hear of it.  Please find ReelSonar on Facebook and Twitter and give them a like/follow.  Please share this post with your friends as well and get them in on the fun.  Be sure to keep checking back here as well, as we will be doing a giveaway in the near future of a ReelSonar!  This is amazing technology, loaded with features that you don't see made mention in the video.  How about a bite alarm, water temperature, the bobber lighting up when a fish swims under it, and so much more?  

We are excited to have ReelSonar aboard as a sponsor, and we look forward to revealing more about this product to you in the future as well!