Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bucks, Bulls, and Fins Contest: We Have a Winner!

Back near the end of October, Southern Utah Hunt and Fish was very excited to announce it's first ever major contest, a photo contest with the top prize being a sweet pair of Vortex Diamondback 10X42 binoculars.  Over the past month, we received 90 photos from not only all over Utah, but from all around our great nation!  Is there a such thing as a bad outdoor photo?  I think not!  With that being said, our 12 judges had a very difficult task of choosing just 1 winner from that field.  Our first cut took the field from 90 down to 30 finalists.  Over the past week the final judges have sought for that 1 picture that would be crowned our champion. 

 Wouldn't you know it, the judging became extremely difficult when it came down to the final 30.  When all was said and done we had a very obvious top 10 that was very consistent with all of our judges.  When it came to our top 3 the running was extremely close.  The top 2, well, this came down to 1 judges vote as the rest were split between 2 photos.  Take a look at our top 10!

#10:  Mat Houston Book Cliffs Bucks

 Mat and his dad Randy took these fine bucks with rifles this year.  A couple of toads for sure, the boys send this shot all loaded up to head home with their trophies and memories.

#9:  Clint Porter 2012 Rifle Bull Elk

 Clint's dad Vergean drew a rifle bull elk tag at 85 years old!  Joined by sons Clint and Kevin, great-grandson Jaxon, and cousin Jason, Vergean harvested this great bull on the last day.

#8:  Steve Barker, a Great Catch!

 Steve Barker shared this photo of his son showing off his catch of the day.  That smile says it all!

#7:  Mike Marshall Brown Trout

 Mike pulled in this monster brown trout early in the summer of 2012.  What a catch!

#6:  Porter Evans 2012 Rifle Buck

 His first mule deer buck, Porter took this monster 29" beauty with a rifle this October

#5:  Ryan Dastup, the Snowman!

 This photo spells it out plainly, it is all about the dedication and hard work it takes to make a hunt successful.  After a rough start to the hunt, Ryan stuck with it and got his spike elk, even though the weather became very adverse.  Way to go Ryan!

#4:  Andy Black, 2012 Rifle Buck

 Andy Black took this 29 1/2" beast with his rifle this year.  Deep forks and lots of character round out what makes this an all around excellent buck!

#3:  Mark Mossman, High Country Utah Bull

 Mark Mossman captured this close up of this amazing bull.  This picture really won over our judges with not only the size of the bull, but the beauty of the backdrop.  Nice shot Mark.

#2:  David Barnhurst 2012 Buck

 With one "pig" of a buck, and an amazing backdrop to set the scene, our judges were quick to point out this incredible photo as a potential champion all the way through the contest.  1 point shy of a win, we are going to do our best to hook David up with a consolation prize!

#1:  Our Winner is...Brad Nielson, Monster Lake Trout!

 In the end, our judges went with "fins" as our contest winner.  When the contest started, our judges were being drawn to pictures of big bulls and bucks, however when this late comer entered the contest with just a couple of days to spare, it really turned our judges heads.  Brad sent 5 amazing photos of lakers over 20 pounds that were landed within just an hour.  Two of these photos made our top 10, both receiving votes within the top 5.  The judges felt it fairest to choose 1 of the 2 for final voting, and by 1 vote chose this photo as our winner.  A stunning catch against an incredible mountain backdrop, accompanied with the dedication of being on the water in very cold conditions, Brad, we have to say you earned this one for sure.  Congratulations Brad!

Be sure to email us with your address, and Vortex will get those binoculars right out to you!  Be sure to get out and use them, and drop us a line telling us what you think of the Vortex binos.

A HUGE thanks to all who entered!  This has been so fun to do, watching the photos roll in, seeing our viewers liking their favorites on Facebook, and giving away some great gear along the way!  A big thanks to Vortex, without the support of great sponsors none of this would be possible.  Also, we need to thank Shed Inc for joining in on the fun with their great gear.  And thanks to the fans and followers, Southern Utah Hunt and Fish has had amazing success in our first year thanks to YOU!  We hope the winners all enjoy the gear they have won, and keep an eye on things as we are just getting started!

I wish we could give something to each of our participants, we had some truly great photos!  Do me a favor and leave a comment here or on Facebook for our participants!  Let these guys and ladies know just how much you liked their photos.  We look forward to making this an annual event, with more prizes to give out next year.  So get your cameras rolling in 2013!  Remember, it doesn't have to be a harvested trophy, SUH&F is all about the experience of the outdoors in every way.  Thanks again to all of your support!

And just a hit, our next great prize to giveaway is here, and we will be starting a new contest very soon!  Stay tuned!