Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bucks, Bulls, and Fins Conest Finalists

David Barnhurst's 2012 buck
Well my friends, we are 1 step closer to finding a winner to our Bucks, Bulls, and Fins photo contest!  It has not been an easy road by any means!  Our judges for round 1 were given 90 amazing photos that capture everything we love about the outdoors; tradition, hard work and sacrifice, the beauty of the outdoors, the thrill of the chase, family, adventure, and the joy of celebrating the taking of a trophy!  Over the month of the contest, we had to keep expanding our theme to cover the outdoors in general, feathers, and fur!  And what great results.  We have a wide variety of trophy whitetail, mule deer, elk, ducks, bear, fish, and even a badger!  In addition, we have several photos of what we love to see most here, families enjoying the outdoors together.  We also had several young men and women with their first bucks, and more seasoned hunters bringing in the trophies they have waited for so long to harvest.  A big thanks to you all for entering!  I wish we could give all of you who entered a prize, all of the photos are worthy of that recognition.  It was no easy task for our judges, but I am pleased to say that our 6 judges were very consistent in choosing nearly the same 30 photos in all of their selections.

Steve Barker's 2012 pronghorn
Our 30 finalists, 1/3 of the entries, are now found in their own photo album on Facebook at  Be sure to check out the album to see if yours made the cut!  As well, keep scrolling down as we highlight a few of those finalists, particularly those later entries that have not appeared on the blog yet.

Now, the remaining 30 will be sent on to our last round of judges, and as good as these photos are, I don't envy their job at all!  Please be patient as we complete this last round, but that being said we hope to have our winner selected by mid week next week.

Andy Black's 2012 rifle buck

Now, enjoy these few photos, and be sure to peek at the album on Facebook to see who remains in the competition.  Also, stay tuned to SUH&F as we have great things in store this week!  We have a couple of great guest posts appearing, started off by Kim Veater's 2012 Henry Mountain bison hunt, a great piece about hearing protection and safety, as well as a couple of great products I wish to share with you that I have reviewed lately.  Also, if you haven't seen the previous post to this one, check out a few great ideas that my wife has shared from her wish list that the outdoors women in your life would love for Christmas.

 And on that note, Merry Christmas to all of you!  The weather has been great, get out and enjoy the outdoors while you can!

Commitment= Ryan Dastrup!
Clayton Carter, 2012 Nebraska Whitetail
Sam Marshall 2012 late season bull
Mat and Randy Houston, rifle bucks

Brad Neilson, amazing Lake trout!
Kaitlin Torgersen