Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gifts for Her

Alright guys, it's December 11th, it's crunch time.  The ladies probably have all of their Christmas shopping done by now, and here we are with just a few days left trying desperately to find something special for the lady on the list.  Well, the good news is it's not too late!  The 15th seems to be the deadline for a lot of retailers, and the great news is that many retailers offer free shipping and great specials in the one last push to clear inventories before the big day.  If you do find yourself reading this after the 15th, don't give up!  It may cost a few bucks extra, but I know from experience that if you order on the 20th it is possible to get it here by Christmas Eve.  That being said, don't chance it!

So, what do you get the outdoor loving ladies in your life?  I have struggled every year with this one as I shop for my wife, trying to find her something out of the ordinary, something geared towards the outdoors.  I'm finding that this is getting easier every year guys.  It has taken outdoor retailers a few years to catch on, but you can now find great, trendy gifts for the ladies that are outdoor oriented, and that they will love.  So, my wife has been very gracious to do some Internet browsing to find a few items that she would like on her list, that the ladies will love.  Too bad my shopping was already done, but there is always next year.  I'm pretty excited with her choices, you will find that these are items that the guys like as well, in men's styles of course.  So take notes boys!

Kings Camo:  Kings has long been my favorite camo maker.  Problem was for many years you could only find the camo for the guys.  Over the past couple of years, Kings has added a large selection for the ladies to their product line,  from pants, fleece sweaters, and even the new Xtreme Kings Gear Ladies XKG jacket which is waterproof, breathable, and durable.  Kings also features a sleepwear line, and a casual line.  Check out the complete ladies line at http://shop.kingsoutdoorworld.com/Ladies-Clothing_c_2.html
You will find basic camo for the ladies starting around $50, with the stylish XKG jacket coming in around $130.  Kings is having some great sales right now for the guys and girls.

Girls With Guns Apparel:  We stumbled onto Girls with Guns this summer, a very unique site that is geared 100% to the ladies that love the outdoors.  GWG offers several styles of tank tops, shirts, sweaters, bottoms, swimwear, hats, and accessories that are very stylish and make a statement that your girl isn't just a girly girl.  Dayna says she really likes their long sleeved shirt options and styles.  With tank tops starting at about $20, and shirts ranging in price from $20-$40 you are sure to find that 1 item (or a few) that your girl will love.  http://www.gwgclothing.com/

CamoSKINZ/Muddy Girl Camouflage:  This is one of those items that I like just as much as she will.  Personalizing firearms has become a big trend over the last few years.  In fact, I would like to get a camo skin to place over my old Mossberg shotgun, to protect it, as well as to add to the looks of the gun.  Moonshine Attitude Attire came out with their "Muddy Girl Camouflage" a couple of years ago and it has spread like wildfire in popularity among female shooters.  I have to admit, I like the pattern a lot myself, and would really like to outfit one of my wife's guns with it.  While it may be a more difficult process to coat a handgun or rifle, CamoSKINZ offers camo wrap kits for shotguns that are cheap ($25.00) and easy to apply.  The kit will work on any make and model of pump or automatic shotgun.  They have several patterns, including the Muddy Girl camo.  If you are looking to have a handgun or rifle coated, it will be more costly, between $100-$300 and you will need to visit the Moonshine Attitude Attire site for information on the nearest specialist that can coat the gun for you.  Moonshine also offers unique outdoor attire for the ladies.

Hiking and Hunting Boots:  This is always a great idea for the ladies, and again another item that has finally started to be produced specifically for ladies.  For a long time the girls had to tough it out with men's hunting boots.  Now, several manufacturers have styles and fit for the girls.  Here's a couple of boots that Dayna really likes:

Columbia Mid Shasta Ridge Omni-Tech Waterproof Hiking Shoes:  My wife has been looking for just a good all around hiking shoe to wear while hiking the slickrock canyon country near our home, as well as during shed hunting season on the mountain.  This is a great looking hiking shoe, in a mid model to provide a little added ankle support in rough terrain.  Waterproofing is always a plus, and the style is a little more easy on the eyes that a lot of traditional hiking shoes.  Columbia is a great quality shoe, and I found them at Bass Pro Shops at a good price of $104.99.

SHE Cami 9" Insulated Waterproof Hunting Hikers:  When it comes to hunting Dayna wants to cash in the pinks of her hiking shoes for traditional camo, while still having a bit of the ladylike flair.  The SHE Cami boot is just the boot.  Insulated for the cold weather of a hunt, 9" tops for added ankle support, comfort, and warmth, as well as an aggressive lugged rubber outsole, these camo boots are perfect for her comfort and safety while on the hunt.  Not a bad price again through Bass Pro Shops at $119.99.

Under Armour Ayton Jacket:  Dayna loves the look of this camo jacket, and I have to say I would like to see it on her, he he!  It is easy to see outdoor clothing makers are becoming more detail oriented to how the apparel looks on women.  This jacket has a very flattering fit, with a bit of pink flair to highlight the girly side of it.  As always with Under Armour products, super quiet fabric which is insulated for cold weather, durable, with a great look.  This jacket checks out on Bass Pro Shops for $129.99.

Prois Generation X Jacket:  You boys might want to highlight this one.  Not only was this the first item to really grab Dayna's attention, but I have also seen a lot of female bloggers that I follow talking about this one.  This jacket is geared a little more towards a bit more cold weather, more so than the Under Armour Ayton jacket we just talked about.  This jacket is insulated, waterproof, and comes with a hood.  Again, style is key here, and I think this jacket would look just as good as the Under Armour Ayton, with an added lumbar compartment across the lower back, and the waterproofing that gear this item more towards hunting functionality than just style.  A bit more pricey, but worth it in my opinion, this jacket checks in at $199.99 at Bass Pro Shops.

Casual Sweaters:  I wanted to cap our list off by going back to a few cheaper items that the ladies will love for sure.  These might be items not only for your wife, but maybe a daughter, aunt, girlfriend, and so on. 

Cabela's Sweaters:  I've always liked the look of Cabela's sweaters for the guys, and I'm glad to see they are now getting some great styles for the ladies.  Cabela's offers 2 styles of sweaters, "campus" and "varsity" style printing.  Both sweaters are hooded, and both come in a variety of color options and camo patterns.  There is also a zippered style available.  These sweaters will look great on your girl, and range in price from $29.99-39.99.
Browning Sweaters:  The Browning logo has to be one of the most famous logos in circulation when it comes to the outdoors.  That simple whitetail bust has been a time honored emblem of quality, tradition, and commitment to shooting and the outdoors.  Browning now has a ladies line of sweaters, nothing super fancy, just the old whitetail bust in a variety of colors matched to sweater colors and styles that conform to the style the ladies are looking for.  These sweaters were a little more pricey on Cabela's, coming in at $49.00.  If you can swing it I think it's well worth it, as your lady will make a statement for sure in this fine sweater.

Alright boys, no more excuses!  We've found some great options that she will love, by a huntress, for a huntress, or maybe just the girl that likes the outdoors a bit, but not enough to sport the camo and mud everywhere she goes.  We really hope this helps you in your last minute shopping!  Remember, these may not be the best prices out there.  I often find my best deals though Google, or by searching on Amazon.  Good luck, and Merry Christmas to you all.