Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish want to give heartfelt "thank you" to all of our fans and followers!  We started this adventure just a little over a year ago, and at the time I had no idea that this would be more than just a little hobby to occupy my time, and a way for us to enjoy networking with friends across Utah that share our passion for the outdoors.  Now, with over 500 Facebook fans and almost 800 Twitter followers, we extend those friendships to friends all over this great nation!  How humbling to be a part of such a great community of sportsmen and women!  We hit another great milestone this week, 50,000 views!  We are ecstatic to have accomplished this milestone in 1 year and 1 week!  Thanks again for your continued support, encouragement, and most of all, for sharing your photos and stories with us.  On behalf of my wife Dayna, our wonderful kids; Braden, Dallin, Jackson, and Ashlynn, and myself, we would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season from our family to yours !

Submitted by Zach Kunz
I've spent the morning thinking about all I am truly grateful for.  W hat a blessing to live in this great nation, where we can all pursue our dreams and ambitions.  Truly I am most thankful to raise my family in this great land, and that I can teach my kids the things I love, and hope they will find joy in sharing the outdoors with their children as well.  A little over 4 years ago we were privileged to be able to move back to Escalante, Utah, the place I have always called home.  I am so greateful to live in "the middle of nowhere"!  As I drove around the valley this morning, I realized that at times it still doesn't seem real that I am back here after being gone for nearly 10 years.  I am thankful for pioneer ancestors that came to this isolated valley to settle, and for the roots they planted here.  There's nothing better than raising your children in a place where heritage runs so deep, telling them the stories handed down to me by my grandpa.  It's quite something to be able to fish and hunt my favorite stomping grounds, just 15 minutes from my house!

In light of these thoughts, today I just want to share some random pictures and video from this place we call home, and share some more of the beauty of Southern Utah, and some great trophies as well.  Take a look at a couple of bucks and bulls we have filmed recently, as well as a few pictures submitted by our viewers.  I particularly want to thank Mike Woolsey for submitting to us a photo of his awesome whitetail buck that he recently harvested in Illinois!  Way to go Mike!  As well, I have been holding on to a few pictures of the fall colors of the Escalante and Boulder mountains from this fall.  I hope you enjoy, it was one of the most beautiful years I can recall for fall colors!  We also have a few video clips of our annual family "pumpkin shoot".  The kids are always excited to go out and take care of the leftover pumpkins.  Whatever it takes to get them excited about shooting!  They also asked me to include our "pumpkin man" that we created this year.  A little late, but we hope you like him.  It was a fun creation for Halloween this year!

 As we part for a few days, I'm excited to tell you that in a couple of days I will be heading out with good friends Zach and Spenser Owens, Mike Marshall, and Ryan Dastrup to Utah's amazing Henry Mountains in hopes of finding some huge mule deer in the rut to bring home on video!  We have been planning for a long time, I'm stoked that the day has arrived that we can make the long trip to these desert mountains to check out some real bucks!  It will be good times with good friends, my "pro-staffers" for sure!  Also, I am excited to announce that my first article I have written for Western Hunter/Elk Hunter Magazines is now on their blog.  I''m excited to write monthly one of the best hunting publications out there!  Please check out my post there:

Thanks again for a great year!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I wish you all a speedy recovery from the food comas that are sure to come.  And remember as always with turkey day, set your scales back 10 pounds!