Monday, November 12, 2012

Trpohy Spike Elk?

A lot of hunts can be fairly routine, others can be full of surprise.  The spike elk hunt in Utah has always appealed to me for the "surprises".  From seeing big bulls, old friends that have returned to the area, big bucks, and a chance at that spike-by-six that everyone is talking about, it's just a relaxing hunt where the stress and worry of scouting doesn't factor in very much.

The 2012 Utah rifle spike elk hunt held a huge surprise for Scott Albrecht and his family.  Scott was able to harvest a true "trophy" spike this year, a massive spike by 7. 

Scott tells us "we found the bull one afternoon and could not believe what we were looking at.  We thought he would pass as a spike, but he had 3 tines coming out below the ear, at the base of the antler.  We took some pictures of the bull, and showed them to a DWR officer.  He told it was a legal spike, and we were OK to shoot it". 

Scott returned to the area the next morning with his 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter.  With a little work they were able to find the bull, and Scott was able to bring him down.  Great memories made with family, and a bull that will never be forgotten.  Congratulations Scott, it doesn't get any better than that!

Scott went on to tell me that this was a great learning experience.  It was tough to pass on the bull the first time they saw it, but he wanted to do what was right.  What a great opportunity to teach two young hunters about hunting ethics as well.  In fact, after they had taken care of the bull, the group took the bull into DWR officers to be checked again, just to be sure.  With a stamp of approval, Scott was able to take the bull home and snap a couple of photos of this unique bull.  Thanks for sharing Scott!

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