Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Justin Christensen's 2012 Archery Bull

Justin Christensen with his 2012 Limited Entry Archery Bull
Hey there friends, I want to share an awesome bull with you all of this awesome bull taken towards the end of the 2012 Utah Limited Entry Archery Hunt.  I had been speaking with Justin Christensen of Escalante, Utah off and on through the summer when I ran into him about his upcoming hunt.  Justin was very excited about the upcoming hunt as his dad and his daughter also had archery tags on the same unit.

The beginning of the hunt was tough down here, late summer rains provided water sources everywhere that allowed elk to scatter.  In addition, like the 2 previous years the elk were slow to go into the rut this year, making calling difficult.

Justin told me of a few bulls that they were able to get in on, but either it wasn't quite what the group was looking for, or the opportunity just didn't present itself for the right shot.  That all changed late in the hunt as this bull made his way into a wallow that Justin had been sitting on.  And what a bull to finally provide that golden opportunity to fill the tag!

As for the rest of the group, the hunt didn't go so well, however it was a special day as 3 generations all shared in the joy of harvesting this trophy bull!  Congratulations Justin, and thanks for sharing this awesome bull with us!  I know Justin has been out on a great unit during the muzzleloader deer hunt, hopefully he has another great trophy to share with us soon!

 Here's a couple of bonus shots for you as well.  Josh Pollock of Panguitch, Utah shared these photos of a great bull with me that he was able to capture on film during the rifle elk season that ended a couple of weeks ago.  Josh tells me that he watched the bull for quite some time from pavement, and thought that surely someone with a tag would drive by and shoot this monster!  However, nobody came by, and the bull slipped back into the trees to live another day.  Who knows, maybe we will see a success story about this bull from a muzzleloader or late rifle season elk hunter.  It's nice to know there is still a toad out there!

And finally, how about this bull?  I know several discouraged spike elk hunters that would love to run into this bull.  A 6 point on his left side, the bull still counts as a spike as, on the right side, the antler that drops splits from the one that points upward below the ear.  Spenser Owens of Panguitch, Utah sends us this shot.  What a crazy bull Spenser.  Looks like life is rough for this guy as he probably can't see out of that right eye.