Friday, September 28, 2012

18 Years of Waiting for the Hunt of a Lifetime

Hey there everyone, I'm home from a short break in the 2012 Utah muzzleloader hunt!  It's nice to get a shower, and a good night's sleep; a little recharge before getting after it again!  I thought I would take this opportunity to get a post put together.  Before we get to a viewer submitted post, let's talk hunting for a second.

If you haven't taken advantage of the cool weather and moisture that came to us for the first couple days of the hunt, you may regret it.  Temperatures are expected to rebound this week, through the remainder of the hunt as warm and dry conditions re-establish for what looks to be for maybe a couple of weeks.  This could also make the upcoming spike hunt difficult as well!  The deer I have seen have been moving longer in the day, but I did notice yesterday as things are heating up that this trend is changing.  For you muzzleloader elk hunters, the good news is the weather seems to have the elk a lot more vocal and active.  There's still water out there everywhere with all of these storms we've had throughout late summer, and the animals are very scattered.  This is one of those years that it's going to take a lot of boot tracks to find the big ones, I'm afraid.  Maybe we will see winter try to show it's face before the rifle deer hunt.

We have great things to come here on SUH&F over the next few weeks (well, it's beginning to look like months).  The deer and elk stories are filling up the inbox, and as well we have more reviews of awesome Vortex Optics products to come your way.  As we approach the 1 year anniversary of SUH&F, we have big plans for giveaways!  As the hunts wrap up, you won't want to miss the opportunities for these contests.  Keep your trophies coming, we are toying with the idea of our grand prize giveaway in November going to the winner of a photo contest, from your submitted stories, or the bragging board.  I am also in the process of reviewing (and having a TON of fun doing so) a hand crafted "Fall River" bamboo fly rod, complete with a Montana Fly Company reel, and Rio fly line!  We have a big trip planned next week.  I've had one short trip with this amazing rod, and all I can say for now is wow!  The most fun fishing I have ever had!  Stay tuned!

Now, let's get on with the good stuff!  Here is a short story of a 2012 bull elk hunt submitted to us by Tyler Gower.  Tyler has been following us for some time, one of our first and most dedicated followers.  He also happens to be a fellow firefighter that I finally had the privilege of meeting (even if it was briefly) this summer.  Tyler was able to accompany his grandpa on this experience of a lifetime, after waiting 18 years for the tag!  Tyler writes:

" Well it took 18 years for my grandpa draw an elk tag and he was very excited when he drew.  It took him all summer to find some nice bulls and that was a week before the hunt started. We had luck opening morning when we saw a nice 5 point over 1000 yards away and watched him bed. We left the area and said we would come back later that evening and would try an area where we thought he would be when we ran into this nice 6 point that he couldn't pass. it all fell together perfect he made a perfect sneak on it and made the kill shot.  It was a good hunt it worked out perfect it was one of those hunts I will never forget and I am happy i got to spend it with family and my grandpa. the bull ended up scoring 340".

What a thrill it is to have everything come together, just as planned!  It's also hard to explain the feelings you have when you can share that experience with generations throughout your family.  Thanks so much for sharing with us Tyler!  We look forward to seeing more from this young man's outdoor adventures in the future!

On one last note, I have to say I really love this picture.  I know someone may find it offensive, but can you imagine coming across this if you were out walking through the hills?  It makes me chuckle, I keep imagining running onto it myself!