Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ford Diesel High Pressure Oil Pumps

Well many of our viewers here (including myself) are owners of Ford diesel trucks.  Many of those trucks, such as mine again, are beginning to show their age.  I own a 2000 7.3 Powerstroke, and it has been a great truck.  Now approaching 160,000 miles, I am starting to look for the signs of wear and tear that will eventually come along.  I know one item in particular that will show up down the road is a failing high pressure oil pump.

In my quest to provide useful information and products to our viewers, I came across a site that has some great prices on high pressure oil pumps for Ford 6.0 and 7.3 diesel motors.  Do you know how pricey these pumps can be?  Well, at HPOP you will find great prices on high pressure oil pumps for both 6.0 and 7.3 diesel motors! 

The Ford 6.0 and 7.3 Powerstroke high-pressure oil pump is actually the injection pump. The HEUI fuel injection system uses an oil pump to supply high-pressure oil to the hydraulic electric unit injectors. The 6.0 and 7.3 high-pressure oil pump are primarily made of aluminum. Because of the aluminum structure and the extreme high pressure produced by the pump, external leaking can be a problem as the pump ages.

 The maintenance of the Powerstroke determines the life of the high-pressure oil pump. The 6.0 and 7.3 high-pressure oil pump (injector pump) uses the same oil the engine uses to pump the injectors. This is the reason good clean motor oil is imperative for the system to operate properly. The 6.0 and 7.3 Powerstroke high-pressure oil pump uses an IPR valve and an ICP sensor to maintain the proper oil pressure. Proper oil pressure is required to operate the fuel injectors under different power requirements. The Powerstroke fuel injectors need different pressures to idle, accelerate, and maintain a steady driving speed.

The high pressure oil pump is one of the most vital components to a smooth running engine.  If you happen to find your pump leaking, or showing signs of failure, check out HPOP for great deals on high pressure oil pumps!

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