Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall in Southern Utah...Nothing Better!

You will find several photos like this on our Facebook page.

Man oh man do I love this time of year!  I have to be honest with you, it's a struggle to find material to write about during the summer months with everyone so busy, no hunts going on, and the fishing quite often slows as well as the heat sets in.  Well, I took off to Pine Lake over the weekend for some much overdue family time, and I came home to an inbox full of hunting and fishing pictures!  As well our Facebook page has become quite a hot site for followers to share their pictures as well!  Be sure to check it out,  We've picked up a lot of new followers on Facebook lately!  Welcome to SUH&F and thanks for the support!

I want to share a few viewer submitted photos with you today.  We should have a little more information about some of these hunts very soon, and we will feature those as soon as that comes to us.  I'm excited to see the great archery elk success folks have been having this year.  Archery deer hasn't fared so well; I hope that's not a bad sign for the later hunts this year.  I have seen some incredible bucks in the high country, in some very thick timber, maybe cool weather will bring those big guys out for us.  Well here you go, enjoy these pictures, and check back for their stories!

Alyssa Warby sent us this picture of her brother-in-law's 2012 archery bull (sorry, we don't have a name, yet).  What an accomplishment, and story or not, I think that smile tells the story itself!  What a great bull, and thanks for sharing Alyssa!  I hope we have many more to come from your family!

Richard Rouleau sends us this photo of his opening day dove hunting success in Washington County this year.  It's good to see someone having this kind of success, doves are in very low numbers right now out in my area.  Richard has sent us several photos this summer of his fishing adventures as well.  Be sure to stop by the Facebook page to check out more.  Thanks Richard!

Brooke Shakespear of Escalante, Utah took down this nice bull last week surrounded by his wife and kids.  Brooke tells me it was an amazing experience having them there to share in this special memory, and he promises to share that story with us.  Be sure to check back for the details and more pictures!

And finally, this is one of my own submissions, which it's about time I've been successful at something to join in the fun on my own site!   At Pine Lake this weekend I was able to get away for a little time on my own in the float tube.  Fishing was slow, I tossed a spinner for quite a while (Castmasters and Little Jakes) with only a few soft bites.  After switching over to a bead head Prince Nymph, I had a solid hit and hooked into this 16" rainbow that was cruising shallow near some reeds.  Not a bad fish for Pine Lake, and it was a great fight!  I was fishing with a spin rod, with a fly and bubble set up.  I'm realizing not a lot of people are familiar with this technique, so check back this week as I plan to share a little "how to" on one of my favorite fly fishing methods that I grew up with.  Be sure to check out Pine Lake as well!  It was another great weekend of fishing, ATV's, and spectacular scenery!

PS:  Ya'll need to get my wife to let me get a Go Pro camera, and then my pictures from the float tube might turn out better!