Friday, August 24, 2012

Trail Camera Pictures, and Hunting Conditions Update

This will be a quick post tonight, but I promised you all photos of another really good bull that I caught on my trail camera.  This bull has some unique character to him, that's for sure.  This bull, as well as the last set of photos I posted, each showed up only 1 day on the trail camera each.  I have noticed the past few years that the bulls really start to move about the time that they start rubbing the velvet from their antlers.  During my time hunting the area this week, I found most of the rag horns right where I left them, but it looks like the cows and bigger bulls have pulled away, and quite honestly I'm having a hard time finding them.

A lot of us were a bit excited about hunting elk this year, knowing that if it was dry it would be easier to concentrate on those old water holes that are constantly reliable.  For those that have been planning on that, the constant rains since mid July have resulted in numerous water holes, and rejuvenation to many streams that were mostly dry this summer.  Elk are once again fairly scattered, as are the deer.  Dry grasslands are now very green and lush with feed.

One silver lining is that with the storms has come a relief of the summer heat.  Temperatures in the high country have been very pleasant, and in fact most mornings you can see your breath, and evenings get very cool.  I have noticed that this seems to have the deer more active later in the morning, evening, and even prowling around mid day.  In fact, a few of the bigger bucks I have seen have been out and about around 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM.  Many of the bulls strolling by my trail cameras have also been showing up during mid afternoon.  I have also heard reports that the elk are starting to talk.  I have only heard cows chirping so far, but I have been told by others in the area that they have heard the sound of bugles echoing across the mountains!  Hopefully this will help you elk hunters before long!

Hopefully the cooler conditions bring about a bit more success for hunters.  I am hearing of more smaller bucks being taken, but still only a couple of big bucks and I haven't heard of one bull being taken yet.  One thing I would point out, even with all the rain many of the twigs and pine cones on the ground are still very crunchy.  I think that really shows us how bad the hot and dry conditions were earlier this summer.  During the rainstorms yesterday we had very good success sneaking up on bucks, and the deer and elk were out enjoying the rain, that's for sure.  Still, we had to be very careful as the sticks were still snapping.

Good luck to you all!  Hopefully we start seeing some hunting success roll into SUH&F soon.  Until next time, I hope you enjoy the pics of this very unique bull!

These photos were taken with by my Wildgame Innovations "Red 6" trail camera.  Check out my review of this camera:

I had to throw these pictures in.  I hope it gives you a laugh as he tries to get that hard to reach itch!

And how about this?  I know a lot of frustrated spike hunters that would like to stumble on to this spot!