Monday, July 16, 2012

A Promising Deer Hunt?

Spenser Ownes
I managed to make it home from another fire assignment, and I wasted little time hitting the hills within hours of being home!  It was great to get out with the family for a few hours and enjoy some relaxation, as well as the excitement of coming across a great group of bucks we have been watching for some months now. 

With dry conditions, I know many hunters have been worried that the bucks may not be tagging on the antler growth this year that we have seen in past years.  My trail cameras and scouting trips have been telling me otherwise, as I hope the rest of you are finding also.  While buck numbers have been down on a few units that I hunt, this year I am excited to see great numbers of small bucks as I travel around.  On the downside, I have also noticed much more predator sign (mountain lions) than in years past.  I have also put my eyes on several more predators than I can recall as well.. Hopefully my fears aren't the reality I fear they may be, I hope our herds have a chance to bounce back, especially as our herds are now managed as smaller units rather than large regional areas.  I guess time will tell!

As I am still trying to catch up with just getting home, and running on about 4 hours of sleep after my 1:00 AM fire call last night, I will keep it short and sweet with a few pictures of great bucks caught on film right here in southern Utah lately.  I would like to again thank Spenser Owens of Panguitch for sending in a few of these shots.  I have high hopes that the pictures keep rolling in, especially as the hunts approach.  So, until next time, enjoy these shots, and please feel free to send in your photos to share!  Email us at

Spenser Owens