Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Check Out These Fish

Well, there's a time for storytelling, then there's a time to just sit back to enjoy the photos and let the pictures do the talking!  For now, this is one of those times that the photos can tell it all!  Bransen Jackson of Kanab, Utah send us these photos of his recent adventures, which I can tell you right now, it looks like one photo for sure belongs on our bragging board!  It's about time we see a new face there!  Remember to send in your photos and we'll hook you up with a little fame on our bragging board.  No details are required if when you submit.  In fact, Bransen has chosen to keep the information of these beauties hush-hush, as he hopes that a few will still be lurking in the water when her returns home from his full time LDS mission in 2 years.  The silver lining for this guy writing the post, if I can find a break in the firefighting action, Bransen has invited me to join him for a day of fishing before he leaves in mid August!  I obviously need to get my priorities straight! 

It looks like I will be returning to the fireline tomorrow, but have hopes of being able to return to posting soon, hopefully near the end of the week.  I have another round of great pictures of bucks and bulls submitted by another viewer that I need to share with you all.  Also, I have some great product reviews and giveaways approaching.  So for now please enjoy these photos, and I hope to be back with you soon!