Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Next Generation

This little guy was found just minutes old!
So you see the title, "The Next Generation" and I'm guessing you're probably expecting another post about how important it is to get our children involved in the outdoors, am I right?  Well, while that is a topic that is very important to me, today we are talking about the next generation in the way of wildlife.  In the past week I cannot believe how many new fawns and elk calves I have seen roaming the hillsides and meadows as I have been out and about with my family.  Now, tie that whole concept of wanting to get your children to love the outdoors with the idea of getting out in the hills to see these new young critters just getting to know the world, well then, you might have just found a way to get those kids hooked on the outdoors!  In fact, I can't believe how eager my kids are right now to just get out to go for a ride to see baby animals. 

As you can see in the photo, the bugs are thick out on top right now!
Within a month, our mountains will get very busy with crowds arriving for family reunions, that summer fishing trip they have been planning for months, or just plain getting out of the valleys to beat the heat.  You can bet that after the 4th of July it gets a lot harder to catch animals, old and young as easy as you can right now.  So, if you have been talking about going out for a late afternoon/evening or morning ride to view wildlife, you had better get out while the getting is good!  Also, as water holes continue to dry up you can bet the wildlife will hang back to more secluded, shaded water holes in the timber, as those near roads are quite often the first to dry. 

So, today we have thrown together a few pictures and video clips of our recent rides across the mountain, as well as a couple of pictures from trail cameras and scouting trips.  While I am not exactly finding the kind of deer I was hopeful to find, I am having great luck when it comes to elk!  I did manage to find a couple of big bucks this morning that I hope to get on film for you soon (they were a little to crafty today!). 

As you look over these photos and videos, please remember that we would love to see what you have picked up on your trail cameras or scouting trips!  Be sure to send in your photos so we can show off your trophies on the site.  Email those to us at

Too bad we can't see all of this bull in one shot!
Stay tuned this weekend as we start a series of posts showcasing the product reviews of a couple of items that will enhance your video shooting and scouting success!