Monday, June 11, 2012

Late Season Elk Sheds

A couple of elk sheds picked up last week
I have to start out tonight to tell you how excited I was to hear that Southern Utah Hunt and Fish was mentioned on KSL Outdoors with Adam Eakle!  Adam posted a link to our site, as well as a summary of our Pine Lake fishing report (  A big thanks to the Adam and the team at KSL for displaying a little bit of our site on their show!  Now if we can talk Adam into coming down for a fishing trip!

It's good to be writing you again after being gone for a week to the day on a wildfire assignment.  I love my job, but to see the kind of fires we are having for only June is a good indicator that I'm going to be strapped for time this summer to get in all the outdoor plans I have had in mind!  I'm still hoping I can squeeze in a trip to Lake Powell very soon, and a few high country lakes should be heating up very soon as well.  I also hope to start posting more trail camera pictures of big bulls and big bucks soon!  Hopefully I can manage to post here frequently!

Willie Flores of Tropic with this sweet, heavy mass 6 point
One silver lining to my job as a firefighter is the amount of time that I find myself tromping through the hills in places that I typically do not go.  This is a great year for that, as the elk have shed in areas that they have typically not shed in the past.  Please enjoy these few photos of sheds collected by our local firefighters as they battled the Lake Creek fire.  Also, Spenser Owens of Panguitch looks to be having great success as he roams the hills late in the season as he searches for more sheds. 

Stay tuned this week as I announce an exciting new sponsor to Southern Utah Hunt and Fish, and I will also be posting some interesting information on local native cutthroat trout!

We found this guy on the fire (two-year old kill).  Too bad he couldn't have survived a few more years!

Spenser Owens scores another sweet set, a big 5-point!