Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

A small bull we came across tonight
First of all, my apologies for not posting anything new on here in the past week!  I've received a few harassing text messages from loyal viewers wondering what the deal was!  Simply a very busy week of work and baseball is all I have to say!  In fact, plans to go fishing for Boulder Mountain brook trout, and Lake Powell have fallen through due to a crazy schedule.  Here's hoping the wind will die down again to provide me another chance at the water soon.  A lot has happened in a week, I want to take this chance to fill you in on what we've been up to, plus some fresh news and events that you all should be aware of.

A crazy looking bull (notice the "club") caught on the trail cam
I know I'm not the only one that has hit the hills in the recent weeks to get the trail cameras set up!  I was able to get mine in a favorite spot early in the week, and the sign looks great!  Well, kind of.  I am seeing lots of elk sign which will not benefit my now 13 bonus points this year, but maybe I can help out those friends that drew with fewer points than I have.  Oh, does that sound bitter?  Well, maybe just a little I guess!  However I do hold 2 more years of dedicated hunter tags, so maybe I can find the big buck in there that eluded me during last year's hunts.  I have also purchased a new Moultrie camera, I hope to have it up and running next week, and hopefully I will have a review on that camera in a month or two.

Good potential for sure Jessie!
Now that those cameras are out, please feel free to share your photos here on SUH&F!  I've already received a couple of impressive emails, in fact, check out this buck caught on film by Jessie Davis of Cedar City, Utah!  Jessie brought home an amazing buck last year, ( but he wasn't the biggest buck in that spot.  Jessie is hoping this is the one, and he's ready with a tag to try again this year! 

A bull from my trail cam
We took a short ride across the mountain tonight, and we were pretty impressed with the amount of deer and elk we were able to see.  Early summer is a great time to view the wildlife in the open before the masses of trucks and ATVs come into the area during the July holidays, and before the cattle come onto the mountain.  Tonight we didn't see any really big bucks or bulls, but I do have to say that from the 5 spike elk we saw maybe this will be a good year for the long-tine hunt!  Add in all the deer, and strutting tom turkeys, it was a great few hours spent with my family, and our boys were pretty excited to see so many elk up close tonight.  The little things that get them hooked on loving the outdoors!  I'll take all we can get!

The taters are doesn't get much better than that!
 I also got to take a small group of scouts on a short fishing trip on Tuesday to a local stream.  If you have visited the area and have not taken advantage of the great stream fishing you really should!  While the fish are not that large, there's not a more beautiful trout species than those Colorado cutthroat trout, or the brook trout in these streams.  Our largest catch of the day was a 13" beauty caught by Cort Durfey of Escalante.  What a great time fishing, and oh yeah, a dutch oven full of spuds really tops off the night!  All we need next time is a cobbler to go with it!

Another small bull caught on film tonight
Well, by now we should all know what we have drawn (or not drawn) for Utah and Colorado big game this year.  For those that are still wanting an opportunity to hunt, be aware that the Antlerless application period opened yesterday, and will close at 11:00 PM on June 21st.  Don't wait until it is too late, apply early!  For more information on dates, rules, and regulations, follow this link:

Also, while you are on the Utah DWR website, check out the online survey where you can provide your input on a few key recommended changes to fishing regulations on a few Utah waters.  Or, you can also follow this link to take the poll:

The Arizona fall hunt application period is now open, and you can apply online.  This draw includes the coveted deer tags of this amazing southwestern state.  So, here we are with only 10 days left to apply.  I had better get after it myself!  Follow this link for more information:

Just one more thought as I wrap up for I write this I have been receiving texts from friends being called out to assist firefighters in the Ely, Nevada area that are battling a rapidly growing wildfire in that area.  The smoke column from this fire is easily visible from Cedar City, Utah.  This is a good wake up call as we recreate in the mountains and deserts of the west this year.  Washington County, Utah and several counties in Northern Arizona have all gone into fire restrictions, and these restrictions are expected to move into areas north of the current restrictions within a couple of weeks.  A mild spring brought us good grass growth, and the hot, windy months of April and May have cured out those fuels to where we are now at record fire danger levels for this early in the year.  Long range forecasts do not look good, it appears that we are in for a long hot and dry summer.  Please be careful as you recreate.  Remember how easy it is for fire to get up and move under these conditions.