Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early Fishing is Off to a Great Start!

Memorial Day Weekend is here, one of the most popular fishing weekends of the year!  It is no surprise to hear of very impressive fish being hauled in during this time...if we could just get the wind to let up to allow for more enjoyable conditions!  Whatever your destination, we hope you will share your pics with us here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish (and it is totally fine to keep those locations a secret).  As for me, well, with record high fire danger conditions I find myself working all weekend.  However I did manage to get trail cams set up, so I still have something to get excited about!  Do you have your cameras set out?  Please feel free to share your finds with us here as well.

The great news is other lucky anglers have hit the water over the last couple of weeks, and we are very fortunate that these kind anglers have sent in pictures to share with us of some amazing catches!  I hope these photos get you just as excited as I am to get out to try our hand at the great fishing that is available in Southern Utah this year!  So, enough of my rambling, here's what you all came here to see!

Bransen Jackson of Kanab, Utah was one lucky guy, having been able to get out and spend nearly a full week fishing the Boulder mountain area, and a few other waters of south central Utah.  Displaying us 3 different species that he was able to bring to shore, check out these beauties that made one memorable trip for Bransen!

A sweet catch, Bransen pulled this 36" Tiger Muskie from a stream!  What a catch!

Those are some amazing fish Bransen!  Thanks for sending them in!  Bransen also tells me that he had a huge tiger trout snap his line, and saw some other huge tigers swimming around in one of the lakes they visited.  Fishing is good, someone better get out there and catch them! 

Zach Owens of Panguitch, Utah also sent us in a couple of shots of some nice brown trout that he and his group pulled in last week.  Zach reports that there are plenty more in that particular lake, and in fact he is out there again this weekend.  Let's hope he has some more photos to share next week!  Thanks Zach!

Mike Marshall of Panguitch poses with his 4.6 pound brown trout!  Great catch buddy!

Congrats on some fine fish guys!  We look forward to seeing more great catches as the summer goes on.  Be sure to check out our "Fishing Reports" tab for more information on area waters.  Also, stay tuned as Southern Utah Hunt and Fish travels to Lake Powell next weekend in search of great warm water fishing (if the weather cooperates!).  We are excited to visit this amazing lake, and we will be taking along some new additions to the tackle box courtesy of our newest sponsor, Rusty Lures.  Be sure to check them out for a huge selection of lures, baits, and fishing gear from several major brands!