Saturday, March 31, 2012

Big Sheds, Big Fish...Great Viewer Submitted Photos

Today's post will be kind of short and sweet, but these are my favorite kinds of posts to put together, as our content today is all about YOU, the viewer!  Man oh man, you can sure tell the weather has been great the last few weeks.  Awesome pictures and stories continue to fill my email and phone inbox.  The weather man is calling for 80 degrees today, so you can bet that just as soon as I get off of the computer we are going to be hitting the hills today!  Tourist season is picking up, and you can also easily see spring break is here for high school age kids as camping trailers filled with younger kids are popping up throughout the hills and rolling down our local roads.  Do you have plans for the week your kids will be out of school?  Take a look at a couple of our recent posts here on Southern Utah Hunt and Fish for some great spring break destinations:

Escalante, Utah area:

Minersville Reservoir:

Newcastle Reservoir:

Also check out our "Fishing Reports" tab on the top of the page for info on other area waters that are heating up right now!

Speaking of fishing, ice off fishing has been spectacular around the area this year, and Dalton Lisonbee and myself took advantage of a warm afternoon to hit Wide Hollow Reservoir again.  While it was not my best outing this day, Dalton hooked up with several nice fish.  I've got to break this bad luck rut that I am in when it comes to anything outdoors lately!  I'm getting desperate...if anyone has any suggestions give me a shout!  I'm not sure if I need to put up some sort of offering or sacrifice, but I will pretty much consider any suggestion right now.  It was a great day on the water though!

Shed hunting is getting good as more country gives itself access to us as the snow melts off.  Here are some great photos sent in to us by Zach and Spenser Owens, of Panguitch, Utah this week.


Now, here's a few submitted by Bransen Jackson of Kanab, Utah.  Bransen has been sending in some great deer shed photos to us, looks like he and his group have found them some great elk shed grounds as well!

 Here's a great set of deer sheds sent in last night by Shane Woolsey.  His brother, Jared Woolsey was able to pick up this sweet set yesterday.  Talk about my bad luck again, it looks like I turned around about 1/4 mile to soon!  Either way, I have pictures of this buck back in December, and it's cool to see someone pick up his sheds! 

Finally, a little "blast from the past", Tye Ramsay of Tropic, Utah shares with us an amazing set picked up by his grandpa many years ago.  This buck is truly would you like to see a buck like this?  We can only hope his genetics are still kicking around somewhere!

A big thanks to all those that submitted!  Please keep sharing with your friends!  With over 200 "likes" on our Facebook page, 300 followers on twitter, this is truly becoming a hub for information for all things outdoors in Southern Utah.  As we near 20,000 views, you can bet we are about due for another giveaway!