Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Fish and Big Sheds

It's pretty evident that this warm weather has inspired a lot of outdoors enthusiasts to get out and about the past week!  With temperatures in the 60s-70s, who wouldn't want to take advantage of what the outdoors has to offer?  The fishing reports have been pouring in (look for an updated fishing report towards the first of the week) and I am opening up emails or Facebook pictures of big sheds daily.  In fact, I have also had a few elk sheds making their way to my inbox!  Hopefully very soon we will start to see some turkeys.  Which reminds me...did you know over-the-counter turkey tags for Utah are on sale now?  It sounds like not a lot of people do, so go out and get your hands on one!

As spring is coming, make sure you visit our previous post to get in on our Miracle Gro "Expand 'n Gro" giveaway.  When thinking outdoors, this is a good post to read to think about getting your yard/garden ready for summer. Contest ends Tuesday, be sure to enter!

Before we get to the shed pictures, I have some exciting news about a local water, which luckily for me sits just a couple of miles from my house!  Mike Hadley, Southern Region Aquatics Biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources visited Wide Hollow Reservoir to perform a gill net survey of the lake this week.  He found some great results from the survey!  Mike writes:

" Division of Wildlife Resources fish biologists conducted a gill net survey at Wide Hollow Reservoir near Escalante on March 15, 2012. They found that rainbow trout stocked at 10 inches in spring 2011 have grown fast--those fish now measure 16 to 18 inches and weigh 2 to 3 lbs. This exceptional growth can be attributed to the outstanding water year in 2011 in addition to the refilling of the reservoir after dam reconstruction in 2010--an empty, recently-filled lake is very productive and provides a lot of food. Additional 10-inch fish will be stocked very soon, meaning that right now is a great time to visit this reservoir and experience some quality fishing. Spring is a great time to visit the Escalante area and you can put together a unique trip by combining some fishing with sight-seeing at Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, which is located right next to the reservoir. Other places to visit nearby include the Escalante canyons, Calf Creek Falls, Hole-in-the-Rock Road, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Scenic Highway 12, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Largemouth bass and bluegill are also being re-established in Wide Hollow Reservoir, but it will take another couple of years before they are large enough for anglers to target."

This is great news for our community, and for the area as Wide Hollow has not really been that great of a fishery for some years now.  It's exciting to see this reservoir producing good fishing again.  It's nice to have a place that we can take the kids fishing after school and work, and that visitors to our area can enjoy as well.  The weather has been great, make your plans to visit the Escalante area and include Wide Hollow in your plans!  Anglers have been hooking up quite a few of these fat fish from the shore on spinners and powerbait.  Thanks for providing us the report Mike!

Now onto some more big shed photos that were submitted by viewers this week.  As for my trip, well, I'm not fairing well at this game this year, nearly 12 miles and a friend that went with me, Devin McLemore found one white 3 point side.  I'm glad to see others are having great success though!  Let's start with a couple of nice sides picked up by Spenser Owens, of Panguitch Utah.

Tyler Gower of Cedar City sends us this sweet elk set picked up by his buddy James.

Bransen Jackson of Kanab scored a couple more  massive buck sheds this week!  We hope he can find the other sides to match them up!

Finally, our big story this week as far as sheds go comes to us by way of Michael Duff from Panguitch, Utah.  Michael tell us that he and a friend camped out for 5 days in one of his favorite spots and brought in 52 elk sheds while they were there!  Way to go boys! 

Check out the broad-head stuck in his 6th!

A BIG thanks to all that shared photos and info with us this week!  This post is definitely all about you, and I appreciate what everyone contributes to make Southern Utah Hunt and Fish such a big success!  Keep the photos coming!  It's exciting to see so many willing to share their success.