Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Things Happening Now in Utah!

Branson Jackson of Kanab was able to match this monster set up!
There's some great things happening in Utah lately, I would like to share a few of those things with you today!  It's all going to be capped off by some great viewer-submitted photos of some great deer sheds that have been gathered up over the past couple of weeks.  I think it's fair to say spring is on the way.  We have a lot of fun to look forward to as sheds hit the ground, waters open back up to fishing, spring turkey hunts begin, and the weather cooperates fro great family outings!  I'm excited of what lies in store this year!

Speaking of changes, you might notice a few changes on the blog.  Make sure you check out our "News and Events" tab to get up to speed on information that I have recently updated.  I hope to spend more time linking to that page information and issues that effect all outdoor enthusiasts.  

You will also notice a new tab entitled "Advertise."  Our viewership continues to rise rapidly each month here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish.  This is an excellent time to take advantage of becoming an advertiser on this site as one of the first of what we hope are many!  This is a perfect way to promote your business or product on a site that receives thousands of views each month, networks with other blogs and blogger networks, and also pushes your product through social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter.  Southern Utah Hunt and Fish has the capability to get your products or business out there to thousands of people that love the outdoors!  Follow this link for more details:
We also should have a short video up in a few days that highlights what Southern Utah Hunt and Fish is all about.  Many of our viewers that have submitted content to our site will be featured in the video, so stay tuned!

This will be kind of a short post today, as we are heading out for another weekend of wrestling tournaments with the kids.  I would like to share a few more viewer submitted photos of sheds found recently.  It sounds like most everyone is still having trouble finding browns this year!  As you will see in these photos, several are whites, but we have some big sets to show off today!  Last night and this morning we discovered a couple of herds with bucks still packing!  I'm sure as the weather continues to warm we will see more!  For you die hard shed hunters, here are a couple of great links to Facebook pages to see what others have hauled in so far:

Antler Addicts Shed Hunters:

Tines Up:

Remember to send us a shot of your findings as you return from the hills!  Have a good weekend everyone!  We have some great ideas in store for next week, make sure to stop back by!

Here are some photos submitted by Branson Jackson of Kanab, Utah.  It looks like these boys are off to a great start this year!  I can't wait to see what else they find.  Good job boys, and thanks for the pics!

Here's a few sets found by Spenser Owens of Panguitch, Utah.  Thanks again for submitting the photos Spenser!

This photo was taken by Spenser's brother Zach Owens.  A little "blast from the past" this photo from a couple of years ago sure gets you excited for the elk to stop dropping!  I hope we all get a few days like these!