Friday, March 2, 2012

McLemore Design Giveaway

Here we go with our first giveaway in March, courtesy of my good friends, and our first sponsor we had here on Southern Utah Hunt and Fish, McLemore Design.

Nathan and Julie McLemore, founders of McLemore design (and close friends of our family) began making these very fine quality, hand-crafted pens a short time ago.  Nathan is a teacher in Dingle, Idaho, however he and Julie grew up right here in Southern Utah.  Nathan is a very talented shop teacher, and he was able to take those skills and combine them with his love of the outdoors to bring us these striking hand crafted pens.  Made from fine woods, bullet casings, outdoor-themed pocket clips, and even antler from various game, these pens are a great addition to the desktop of anyone who loves the outdoors.  I hate to spend hours at the desk during the winter, and if you take a look at my desk, you will see that I have plenty of pictures, stickers, and other reminders scattered around to keep my mind drifting to the activities I love!  I recently purchased one of these fine pens from McLemore Design, and I am excited to show it off at my desk!

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for McLemore Design:

Every time I check their page Nathan and Julie have added a lot more designs and styles to your options for creating the perfect pen for you.  How about a pen encased in snake skin?  Something patriotic?  Did you know you can have a pen made with a favorite picture of your choice wrapped around it?  McLemore Design allows you a ton of options to mix and match to create a perfect customized pen for you.  They have a wide variety of acrylic pens in various colors and camo patterns.  Be sure to become a fan of their page to keep up on the latest new styles introduced.

 The grandaddy of their pens, well, in my opinion, is created from a little piece of history known as the .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun).  Introduced in World War II, the .50 calibur BMG has been on nearly every battlefield with US troops since it's introduction.  A nice piece of history for your enjoyment, you can complete this piece with a tip showcased with a patriotic colored camo pattern.

 You can find McLemore Design products for sale on the web at

Have something particular in mind that you would like to have created, or perhaps mix and matched from their selections?  Email Nathan and Julie at

 Now, let's go ahead with the details of the giveaway!

McLemore Design has provided us with 3 handcrafted pens, so we will be fortunate to have 3 lucky winners this time!

The first pen is made of Alabaster Dymondwood, and features a fishing rod (with fish of course) pocket clip.  The blue and teal colors give this pen a beautiful water look!

Next, we have an amazing deer antler/.30-06 bullet casing combination pen, completed by a rifle pocket clip.

To top it off for a lucky lady, we have another .30-06 bullet casing pen, combine with pink camo, and a buck deer pocket clip.

So here's how this will go:

We will give away one pen right here on the blog to one of our followers that comments below this post.  Be sure you are a follower before you comment!  Look in the right sidebar and you can click a link to "Join this site."  Join the site, and comment below.  I will use the random number generator to pull one of you from the comments list!

Since I have the most "followers" on Facebook, I will be giving the other 2 pens away there.  Go to
 Once you get there, if you are NOT a fan/follower of the Facebook page, click the "like" button near the top of the page.  Be sure to click the like button for the page, not for a comment thread!
 Next, look for my post on the Facebook page "McLemore Design: enter here for your chance to win"  Comment on the thread, and I will use the random number generator to pull 2 winners from the list of those that comment!  Your comment doesn't need to be anything fancy, just leave us a comment to enter.

If you enter both on the blog, and on Facebook, then your chances are now doubled!

The contest will end at 5 PM MST on Monday, March 5th, 2012.  I will post the winning names here on the blog, as well as on our Facebook page.  Make sure to check in to claim your prize, and instructions to claim will be posted at that time.  We won't be tracking you down, so make sure to check back for the results.  If a prize has not been claimed within 1 week, we will draw another name for that prize.

I would like to thank McLemore design for supporting Southern Utah Hunt and Fish!  It has been a pleasure to work with them!  I have placed an ad for them in the right sidebar that will link you to their page.  Please support our sponsors!