Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Few Bucks, and a Few Sheds!

Shed season has begun!  Well, sort of...

My first find of the year!
I have found my first set of the year, and what a way to begin!  I seldom find a matching set when it comes to deer antlers, so you can imagine I was pretty stoked by my find last week!  As for the "sort of" part?  Well, there were still 6 bucks in the area packing antlers, one of them being a giant that I shared in some photos here back in November/December.  I got a great look at him from about 20 yards the other day, and let's just say he's a LOT bigger than I thought!  I'm pretty nervous now, as I've seen some competition poking around this spot the last few days.  So far, they are staying away from this hidden little pocket where the bucks are holed up!  Additionally, another group of 5 bucks in another location are yet to drop!

This 5 X 5 set scored approx. 187"   

It seems late to many, but remember, we have had hard winters for almost 7-8 years running now.  The bucks will tend to shed earlier when they are stressed.  This year we are enjoying warm temperatures, and little snowfall, something we aren't used to lately.  I do recall several years ago, 2003-2004 when mild winters (lots of rain down low and snow up high) caused the bucks to hold out longer.  Well, we can probably expect the same from the elk this year.  A lot of us are nervous as we watch the big one, waiting as we have for almost 3 months in my case!  Maybe there is a shimmer of hope that the bitter temperatures forecast for the weekend and into the first of the week will be enough to get them dropping!

Whatever early luck I had, I've got to think it had to do with that new Shed Inc hat!  It looks pretty sweet in grey, don't you think?

Clayton Carter (right) and myself with our first finds of the season.  These were found the same day in different locations

A couple of bucks still packing

I'm not the only one with early success this year!  Clayton Carter of Escalante, Utah stopped by the house the other day with the sheds of another buck I had been watching back in December, a very impressive typical 4 X 4 mulie that looks to have been pretty close to 30" outside width!  I have also seen a few smaller 4 points on Facebook, and I have heard of some smaller buck sheds being found as well.

He is still out there!
 A lot of people ask why on earth would you spend the time and money on shed hunting.  If you have never tried it, well, it gets addicting fast!  When you find your first good set you will find your mind wandering, thinking about getting out and combing the hills all spring!  I find it is a great gap-filler in between ice fishing season, and spring turkey hunts.  It is a great way to get out and stretch the legs, and stay in shape.  Strap a pack on, throw in a lunch and plenty of water, and head for the horizon!  What a great workout!  I know many of us complain about being out of shape come hunting season, and this is a great way to keep the legs and back fit!  Your kids will love it to!  You can never get them started too young on hiking and just generally loving the exposure to the outdoors. 

I hope you enjoy these photos!  Remember, this is a place for all outdoors lovers to gather and share some tall tales!  Send us your photos as you hit the field this spring!  You may submit them by email to  
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Another shot of my first set of the year
While you are there...or here in the "comments" following this post, tell me, what do you think about a little shed contest?  I'm thinking not on size of the shed, but just a photo contest of shed hunting.  Display your sheds and I will come up with a panel of judges.  Maybe I can get some more Shed Inc gear or something like that to give away.  Let me know what you think, and if this is what the viewers want, I will make it happen! 

And remember, as you hit the field you may be able to make a little money off of those sheds by visiting our friends at the Shed Inc in Panguitch, Utah.  Or visit their site for more information on selling your sheds, and great outdoor gear and apparel!