Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction

I've modified this post a few times today as information has poured in.  Please be aware of this meeting tonight about Mexican Wolf reintroduction to Utah.  Go get yourself educated.  Also, I know I have viewers to the blog from New Mexico and Arizona...feel free to comment on the post as I know you have been through the reintroduction already in your states. 

I have found a little more information today.  The meeting will be held at Cedar Middle School at seven PM, and is part of a meeting agenda that will also discuss a number of other big game topics.  It also sounds like a lot of this uproar was begun by an editorial in The Spectrum.  I went to their website and found the article, which has some interesting statistics on Grey Wolves, and some strong opinions about the Mexican Wolf that makes a lot of sense to me.  I can totally see this being a tool that environmentalists can use to enforce travel management, curb cattle grazing, and yes, even limit our recreation opportunities, as the Mexican Wolf is still listed as an endangered species. 


Also, check out this article by Senator Orrin Hatch:


So, this got my curiosity going this morning, coupled by a bad mood already from an unsuccessful morning of coyote hunting!  Did you know that the US Fish and Wildlife Service has a Mexican Wolf recovery plan?  Did you know the Mexican Wolf has already been reintroduced in New Mexico and Arizona?  Did you know that this plan has aspirations to reintroduce the wolf to all of it's historic range, which will put in back in Utah before long?  Check out their plan:


Now here's a little more discouragement I felt as I did more research.  Western Watersheds (among other environmental groups) is involved with Mexican Wolf reintroduction.  They have been key to getting the wolves re-established in Arizona and New Mexico.  Some of their ideas include taking cattle off of the range to allow the wolf to prosper, and in protecting areas under the endangered species act so the wolves cannot be bothered.  Please take the time to look at their page, get yourself informed before the fight comes to Utah!  While on their page look at the polls in the left sidebar, (they are pdf files).  I find it interesting that this group found so much support and little resistance to the idea of bringing the wolf back.  Biased?  You be the judge!


You can find tons of other information on the reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf through a quick Google search of "Mexican Wolf reintroduction."  I have heard whispers of this idea in the past but I have kind of just laughed it off.  It is a real threat to our wildlife in the Southwest!  There are tons of pages of pro reintroduction thinking...I found very little out there standing for why they shouldn't.  Yes, this post may offend some, I guess that is a risk I have to take...but I value or wildlife, our heritage (grazing) and the ability and safety of being able to recreate with my family on public lands.  Look what we stand to loose from gaining a wolf population...is not the decimation of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana deer, elk, and moose herds proof enough?  In short, we as outdoor enthusiasts need to get involved with this issue.  Please attend the meeting if you can!  If you see proposals start to fly get involved!  I will try to keep the issue up to date here!  I'm sure there will be more to come as this issue is just getting underway.

More info on the reintroduction to Utah: