Sunday, December 30, 2012

Awesome Hunting and Fishing: From Our Viewers

Hey there friends, we all here at SUH&F hope you are having an awesome New Years weekend! Hopefully for our viewers here in southern Utah, you have seen our posts on the recent fishing conditions and taken advantage of the great weather to get out and enjoy it while it is hot! With temperatures in the teens and single digits in the valleys, most people shudder at the thought of sitting out on a frozen lake freezing all day. You would be surprised how pleasant the conditions actually are during the day. Dress warm, keep dry and you are sure to enjoy the day. Look to a post coming next week where we will demonstrate just how cheap outfitting yourself for ice fishing can be, and just how fun a day on the ice really is. Also, If you haven't seen the updated fishing reports, click on the fishing reports tab at the top of the page to check them out.

A BIG thanks to all of you that have participated in out Vortex riflescope giveaway! If you want to get in on a chance to win the Viper HS scope (a $600 value) check out the details by clicking the contests tab. We are now at 1,000 Facebook likes, and just 500 likes from choosing a winner!

We are also in the works of putting together a video highlighting all of our outdoor adventures, fishing trips, hunts, and viewer submitted photos that we hope to post before New Year's Day. B sure to check back, hopefully we will have it posted within the next 2 days.

Check out these viewer submitted photos! Lets start out with Steven Beckstead, who sends us some updated fishing conditions from yesterday on Otter Creek Reservoir. Steven reported hot fishing from about 8 AM to 1 PM, which is usually fairly typical for Otter Creek as fishing always seems to slow after noon there. Steven reports catching between 25-30 fish between 2 people in about 14 feet of water. Try using light colored tube jigs tipped with nightcrawler or meal worm, and Steven says he was also using some crawfish smelly jelly. The ice is now 5-6" thick, with a light skiff of snow. As usual with OC, when the sun hits the ice it really gets to popping! Steven's photos tell it all, fat rainbows, an he also reports catching a 21-22" cutthroat, and loosing a fish that he figures was pushing 5 pounds!

I have also seen several other photos from Otter Creek this week each with folks holding up stringers full of fish! Fishing pressure has actually been fairly light for the early season. W are going to try to get there next week , hopefully we will still find these amazing conditions and be able to bring home some great photos and video to share!

Our good friend Josh Pollock also has a fe photos to share of his recent hunting trip to southwest Texas. Through a close friend, Josh was able to set up this hunt fairly cheap, where he was able to take his first whitetail buck, a couple of hogs, and an aoudad! Josh tells us that this hunt was the hunt of a lifetime. For $300 Josh was able to purchase a hunting license which came with 5 whitetail tags, 4 turkey tags, 2 mule deer tags, and unlimited tags on exotics, fox, coyotes, hogs, bobcats, etc. So cheap or so many tags, however the real trick of Texas is fringing a place to hunt! Texas has very little public ground, so you really have to find a ranch to hunt on, which can be very expensive. Josh was fortunate to have this hookup through a friend, where he was able to hunt the ranch for less cost than the tag. Looks like an amazing trip Josh, I hope to check Texas off of my list in the future as well!

Thanks to Josh and Steven for sharing their outings with us. Remember, if you have photos you would like to share feel free to email them to us, along with any details you would like to share to Also keep in mind that your photos do not need to be of outings in Utah!

One more note, this is my first attempt at creating a blog post on the mobile app. I have no idea how the format will look, bear with me if things seem a little off in this post!

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