Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Excited for Elk Hunting?

Hey there my friends!  Well I'm back from Idaho, and I'm getting back in the swing of things here.  It's nice to get back on the computer after a week of fighting fires on the Sawtooth National Forest of Southern Idaho.  Things are starting to finally slow down a bit, here's hoping that this post is the first of many to come your way as I try to get more consistent with writing again, especially with hunting season coming on.  On the plus of being gone, I did discover the unit that I want to put in for badly in Idaho for deer and elk now!  We will have to see what the future holds there.

I have a lot of photos that have been submitted by viewers, and that I have pulled from trail cams that I want to share with you this week.  There's WAY too many for one post, so I'll start this off by posting a couple of bulls.  One set (the night pictures) was captured and sent in by a viewer that would like to withhold his name from the post, but I do want to say thanks for sharing it with us on the site.  The second bull and the buck came from my trail camera that I brought in last night.  I also have pictures of another amazing bull that I will post on here in a couple of days.  Needless to say, as I'll be hunting elk with a couple of friends this fall, I am getting very excited!

On one last note before I wrap up, I'm not hearing of a lot of archery success yet.  In fact, I've only seen a couple of pics of smaller bucks posted to Facebook, or sent to me in messages.  How's the archery hunt going where you are?  Is anyone at least seeing good bucks?  I have managed to find 3 groups of really good buck...working in to get a shot is another story.  Hopefully that will change tomorrow as we hit the field again.  Just remember to send your hunting pics in so we can post them on the Bragging Board for you!  If you would like a post to go along with it, either send in a short write up of your hunt, or a few details and we will compile a post for you.  Email your pictures/information to:
Remember, it doesn't have to be a southern Utah hunt!  A big part of this site is showing our viewers that there are also great hunting opportunities in other areas of the west.  Also, there is no need to mention details of where you were hunting. 

So, enjoy the pictures, and keep checking back for more to come this week!  Thanks for your continued support, especially as I have been gone so much this summer!  You all are the best!

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