Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Shed Inc. and Our First Giveaway!

I'm very excited to bring you this post this week! This site is now well over 10,000 views, which we were able to accomplish in less than 3 months thanks to YOU! Thank you for the support!  In celebration to this milestone I have a couple of items to give away!  First, I would like to introduce you to our newest advertiser here at Southern Utah Hunt and Fish, Shed Inc Outdoor Gear!

The Shed Inc was founded by Randy and Mat Houston of Panguitch, Utah.  Randy and his son Mat started this adventure just a couple of years ago, bringing their passion for the outdoors into the heart of Panguitch to share with others.  Of particular, one of their favorite outdoor hobbies is collecting deer and elk sheds.  The Shed Inc was born as a place to buy and sell these antlers, coupled with a variety of sporting goods geared towards the hunting and fishing opportunities of the area.

The store has experienced an explosion of popularity lately as Mat and Randy have ventured into creating their own clothing line!  The Shed Inc now features a wide variety of hats, shirts, and sweaters equipped with the Shed Inc logo, and graphics such as elk sheds and deer antlers.  These items are featured in men's, women's, and children's sizes.  Not only can you purchase these fine items of clothing though the Shed, Mat and Randy will also print t-shirts and sweaters for you business, community organization, sports team...whatever your needs may be.  They offer high quality products at very competitive rates.  Be sure to stop by and visit the Shed Inc for your screen printing needs.

If you have been around Panguitch lately it is very hard to go very far without seeing a shirt, hat, or decal in a truck window sporting the Shed Inc logo!

As I mentioned, the Shed was established as a place for people to bring their sheds to buy, sell, or trade.  This service is still alive and well!  As the bucks and bulls begin to drop their antlers this spring, keep in mind that the Shed is a great place to take those sheds!  Who knows, maybe you will earn enough to make enough money to pay for the gas that went into your shed hunting season!  As the seasons change stop by the store for your hunting and fishing needs!  Ammunition, fishing supplies, knives, optics, camping gear, archery equipment, game calls...the Shed Inc has a lot to offer sportsmen as they wander the hills of southern Utah.
I am very surprised as I travel the area how many people haven't stopped by the store, or for that matter even know there is such a place in Panguitch!  If you haven't stopped in you really owe it to yourself!  Haven't seen it?  The Shed Inc is located very conveniently just north of the 4-way stop on Highway 89 (main street) of Panguitch.  Stop in and see Randy and Mat for your hunting, fishing, and clothing needs; antler selling, and so much more.  Last year the guys at the Shed also held a "big buck contest" and provided some great prizes.  Keep this in mind as you head out this fall, as I wouldn't be surprised if they do it again!  Do you have a big buck, bull, or fish you would like to show off?  There is a "bragging board" in the store where you can share your success, or check out what others have to share.

Not from the area?  Don't let that get you down, you can still check out the line of apparel that the Shed offers at their online store

Now, for the exciting part!  The boys at the Shed Inc have provided me a couple of items to give away!  One lucky winner will take home a flex fit hat featuring the Shed Inc logo.  Another winner will claim a shirt featuring the logo on front, with a pretty sweet shed graphic on the back.

Here's how the giveaway will go down:

There are 2 ways to enter:

1.  Enter here on the blog by becoming a follower (click the "join this site" link located on the right sidebar) and leave a comment in the "comments" section following the post.


2.  Visit our Facebook page and become a fan.  Like the page (make sure it is the like button for the page, NOT for a comment!).

If you do both, you will double your chances of winning!

The contest is open now, and will close 5:00 PM Mountain time on Monday, February 20th!

I will announce the winners Monday night here on the blog, as well as on Facebook.  Winners will be selected by a random number generator, a number being assigned to you in the order you entered.  We will not be tracking you down!  Check back to see if your name has been selected.  At that time there will be instructions posted for claiming your prize!

I would again like to thank the Shed Inc for providing these prizes!  Please support our advertisers!  You will find their logos on the right sidebar.  Click on the logos to visit their websites!  Thanks again for your viewership!  Good luck to all!


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