Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hunting Video

Big Spencer Flat looking towards Canaan Peak/Powell Point

A couple of weeks ago as I shared my thoughts with you about the past year of our outdoor fun, and I briefly mentioned how I wanted to take more video and photos of my outdoor adventures to compile into my own video at the end of the season.  I also mentioned how I felt "inspired" to do this after seeing bits of video that a good friend, Steve Barker, had shared with me this fall.  Every year Steve takes tons of pictures and video of his outings with his group of hunting partners as they travel across the west in search of various species of big game.  It was amazing what he had put together!  A video over 30 minutes in length that featured not only video clips from hunts, but still pictures, and sweet graphics...all of this put to music to complete the experience.

Spencer Flat, looking towards Henry Mountains

How many of you have seen the selection of hunting videos out there on the web?  Would you be surprised to know that many of those videos are made from home?  I'm talking about a lot of the good videos too, yes sir, made by average Joe on the PC or Mac in the comfort of home.  It's getting easy to create and publish high quality video!  No, you don't really need high quality equipment!  Point and shoot cameras with video mode now adapt to spotting scopes for long range shooting, digital camcorders are becoming much more affordable, and if you shop around you can find great deals on higher power/quality cameras if that's what you are looking for.  About any new computer comes equipped with a free video making program that has all the basics you need to create your video.  These programs are very user friendly and take very little time and effort to figure out. 

If you are just getting started and you have a spotting scope, I suggest you check out the Tines Up Spotting Scope Camera Adapter.  The custom made adapter kit comes with a point and shoot camera capable of shooting HD video, and an adapter to slip onto your scope.  The great thing is this adapter just slides right onto the scope like your lens cap, and automatically centers on the eyepiece.  The adapter is threaded, it screws right onto the camera and can be easily removed to use as a camera alone.  This method of adapting a camera is called "Digiscoping" and is the method used in most of the hunting videos you see to take those long range shots of wildlife.  This camera adapter package will run you about $299.00 right now, on sale from $325.00.  Go to, find the link on the bar to the Tines Up store, there you will find a link for more information for the camera adapter, as well as an adapter for camcorders, if that interests you. 

Now I would like to share with you a video that has been put together for us by Steve Barker, of Cedar City, Utah.  This is a shorter version on the video Steve made at the end of the season.  The video was made by Steve in his home, using the video making program that comes with the Mac computer now days.  He used mainly point and shoot cameras, a camera/scope adapter, and camcorder.  I hope to make a similar video soon, using the Video Maker program on Windows 7 of my PC.  So get out there and try this on your own, and stay tuned to the blog as I will surely be exploring this topic more!

You can also find the video on by searching SUH&F.

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Rory @ R-Dub Outdoors said...

ya i just got my self a friend whot akes video for a living and he follows me on my hunts when he is free to do so. we just made our first short duck hunting video and put it on my blog.