Monday, December 19, 2011

Southern Utah Bucks!

Submitted by Marion Littlefield
 Well, I've been hearing it from a few of you, I know it has been a few days since my last post.  I haven't given up yet, I'm sure any of you parents out there can understand how many Christmas programs and activities your kids have this time of year!  It's been one thing after another over the last week, and appears to be that way in the coming days as well!  Tonight was no exception, so since I am short on time I thought I would whip up a quick post for the day displaying some more great bucks caught on film by local photographers!  After all, I know that is what most of you are wanting to see on this site anyway!  However, make sure you check back this week.  Several of you have asked me to share with you my killer beef brisket recipe.  I will be starting posts on it tomorrow night, and I will post over the following two days as it progresses.  Also, I am tinkering with some sourdough!  Hopefully I will have results worth sharing there as well. 

Keep the pictures and stories coming!  Several guys have informed me that they are getting material together to send to me to post on the blog.  Now is the perfect time, as the recent snows limit what I can get out and do anyway.  I would love to get your hunting adventures on here for you.  Now, on to the bucks!

The following photos have been provided to us by Marion Littlefield, of Tropic, Utah.  Marion is a photographer I really look up to, some day I hope my stuff can turn out as great as his!  You may have heard the name mentioned on local news channels, as Marion often submits photos to them.  I appreciate Marion for capturing the beauty of the outdoors on film and sharing his work with us.  These are a few bucks he has caught on film this year.  I hope you enjoy them!