Monday, December 5, 2011

Cody Pollock's 2011 Muzzleloader buck

Mondays...about everything that could go wrong did, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way!  Well this ought to help your Monday get a lot better!  Cody Pollock first shared photos of this buck with me back in September just after he tagged this monster on the 2011 muzzleloader hunt.  I'm sure many of you have seen pictures of this trophy on Facebook, and a few hunting websites.  I'm sure we will see articles of the buck in magazines to come, but I want to thank Cody for letting me be the first to share his story with you.  Cody is another wildland firefighter that I have worked with for years, and he currently lives in Enoch, Utah.  You may have seen his brother, Josh Pollock and sister-in-law Hailie on the blog with Josh's 2007 bull elk and Hailie's 2011 rifle buck.  If not you will find their stories on the past posts. 

Cody's story begins before his hunt as he and his dad, Royce Pollock of Panguitch, Utah had spotted 4 big bucks in one of their favorite areas to hunt.  After five days of hunting the area they had no success in being able to get onto any of the bucks.  Disappointed Cody headed back to Enoch, but he wasn't giving up on this spot.

Many of us were fortunate to have a weather system pass through the area during the muzzleloader hunt this year.  The area Cody had been hunting was no exception, as the temperatures dropped and rain moved in.  He loaded up, and headed to Panguitch to pick up his dad for another try at a good buck.  On his way Cody pulled out the glasses and spotted a small herd of deer with some little bucks.  He decided the herd was worth a look and made his way into them.  He continued to glass the herd, but saw nothing that looked good, so he started glassing further down the hill and there he was!

At this point he knew he was a good buck, but the buck was on the move.  He was over the ridge Cody was on, and moving down a hill towards the canyon bottom, not providing any chance at a shot, especially with a muzzleloader.  Cody began to work his way to the buck, over a hill, around the side of a big rock face on another hill, where he was able to spot the buck and move in.  Now the buck had crossed the canyon, but offered an excellent opportunity.  Cody raised his Traditions "Pursuit" muzzleloader and fired.  There was no doubt.  The smoke cleared and there lay his trophy!  Cody had brought down a true monster!

Just how big?  Cody reports that while only sporting a 23" main frame, the cheater on this buck brings the width of this 4 X 7 buck to 27 1/2 inches!  The mass and height of this giant brings his score to a very impressive 197 inches!

Cody says, "after the shot the rain changed to snow, and it started to snow hard!  The body on the buck was huge.  There was no way I could pull it out on my own.  I had to go to town to get my dad to help drag him out."  Royce came up and helped Cody bring the buck back to the truck.  Cody told me that looking back with the far distance and huge body they probably should have quartered it and packed the buck out. 

An interesting side note to this story is that a while after the hunt some other hunters showed Cody pictures of the buck they had taken just days before the archery hunt.  They had spotted him nearly 15 miles away from where Cody took him down.  He had disappeared on them by the opening day of the archery hunt.  So much for patterning him!

Cody would like to thank Royce for his help with the buck.  Royce has some great stories himself; in fact he took one of the biggest bucks I have ever seen when I was about 14 years old, a 44 inch giant!  Maybe we can get the Pollocks to share with us that story from the good old days.  In the meantime I would again like to thank Cody for sharing his buck with us on this site, and I look forward to more good stories from him!  Congratulations on a great hunt!