Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some recent photography!

Another nice buck we found this week!

So we survived Thanksgiving!  Well, not so much the holiday itself...or the food coma, but the whole Black Friday ordeal as well!  The good news is that after a couple of days out of town, and a day spent getting most of the Christmas lights up, I can now catch up on some ideas I have been wanting to post on here.  I have been getting a lot of good reviews of my photography...and believe me, I am by no means a professional there!  But I have been asked by a few viewers to the blog as to what kind of camera I use, and how I am getting some of the shots of big bucks that we have posted.  So, I thought I would break down the camera first, but be sure to keep reading as I have a couple more bucks to show you at the end of today's post!

Well, I guess I will break the bad news first...good photography is not cheap!  Don't get me wrong, I like the smaller cameras such as the Canon "Powershot", they are great for the hunting pack, boat, or hike.  But you know Dayna isn't going to let me run off with her $900 Sony when I hike into a lake to fish on my float tube!  The good news is there is no better time of the year to get some screaming deals!  Wal-Mart actually just had the Nikon 3100 as part of their Black Friday sale, and now they have no more in stock!  I would keep an eye on their adds this month, I bet other deals appear.  Some of the best deals I can find right now are through Ritz Camera (  They have some great deals on Nikon and Sony cameras, a couple of the best brands out there.  We actually bought our Sony a33 from their store next to the University Mall in Provo.  The same deal we bought into is now available: with either the Nikon 3100 or Sony a35 or a55 in the $650 to $800 range, depending on the model. 

 An additional zoom lens can also complete the package for $99 more, which is $100 off their original price.  By the time we got ourselves a memory card, case, protective lens covers and UV filters, our total cost was pushing $1,000.  I was sick at the time, but I tell you it was so worth it now!  I can't believe the difference in quality of our pictures now!  We actually took our own family pictures with our camera this year and they turned out great!

As far as Nikon or Sony, well, I haven't been disappointed with one over the other.  My Grandpa and Uncle own Nikons, and their pictures turn out great, and they love using complaints.  I have used my Grandpa's Nikon and think it is a great camera.  I went with Sony well, really to save money as they were out of the Nikon I was after and the next model up (the 5100) cost about $150 more than I wanted to spend.  Looking back I would do it the same again.  When I go into the different settings on the Sony an explanation of the setting appears on my screen, so I don't have to refer to the manual to figure out what setting does what.  Very user friendly, and great quality!

Now how about those bucks?  Well I don't have a super great telephoto lens that reaches out there 700 yards!  So, I set my camera to manual focus, and hold it up to my spotting scope!  Sometimes they turn out blurry...I actually hold the button for continuous shooting with hopes that within 5 pictures one turns out good, and usually does.  If you are sitting in your truck, I suggest buying a car window mount for your spotting scope, it clamps right onto the glass with padded mounts giving you a great base for your scope.  These are available from Cabelas for about $40.  Cabelas also carries adapters that will attach to the spotting scope, and hold your camera, allowing you to dial it into view without holding the camera.  I have one, but it only works for my smaller camera, my Sony is to big.  They run from $40 to $50 from Cabelas.  There are other adapters out there, but you are starting to talk dollar amounts in the hundreds.

Hopefully this was some help to you.  The best thing to learn one of these more expensive cameras is to look online and get yourself some photography training!  Just google it, there are tons of sites out there that offer courses in Photography, and even more simple how-to videos and articles.  I have just started to get into photography more seriously and I love it.  So there you are ladies, some more gift ideas for the guys...then they can get out there and snap some more pictures to submit to us here!  And now some more bucks!