Friday, November 25, 2011

Hailie's Buck

Alright guys, pay attention, here's a lady that has shown us how to get it done!  Josh Pollock has submitted another story to us, this time of his wife, Hailie's rifle deer hunt this year.  I'm excited to share this great story with you, and hope to share another of Hailie's hunts with you in the future as I remember seeing pictures last year of an awesome pronghorn she took down!  So don't keep us waiting too long Josh!  Again I would like to thank Josh and Hailie for writing this and sharing their hunt with us.
After three long years of putting in and not drawing a deer tag Hailie finally had her tag in her pocket and was ready to fill it on a big buck. I was informed before the hunt started that there was going to be no two points hitting the dirt this year she was sick of killing two points over the years and wanted to kill a four point or better. Well she wasn't asking for much now was she...... Plus she thought all the time I spend in the mountains for work I would have one all tied up for her. Well I wasn't able to go hunting for the first few days with her because of work so she went out with my family and they tried to find her a good buck.
Well as the deer hunt on public land goes a good buck was spotted and was feeding right to them when another moved in between her and the deer and needless to say she was a little upset. Well it was a long week of getting out when we could and turning up many small bucks but she was persistent and was going to hold out for a good buck or nothing.
Well the last day of the hunt finally arrived and we decided to go out in the morning for one last who-rah. We were driving to a location where we were going to hunt when Hailie stopped me as she saw a good buck walking over the skyline towards us about 300 yards away. We got her into a good shooting position but the sun was coming up over the ridge behind the deer and it was very hard to see. She fired a few shots to get a little warmed up. I mean what fun is it to kill a deer with just one shot, heck they give you 20 when you buy them......
Well unfortunately she forgot to grab her bag with all of her bullets in it and we were able to get back ahead of the buck again and Hailie informed me that she was down to her last shot. I told her to hold right on him and slowly squeeze the trigger. I think I may have had my eyes partially covered with my hands as the last bullet was fired. This bullet unlike a couple before it found its mark, and the buck dropped in his tracks. There was a little whooping, hollering, and screaming going on after the buck went down. Hailie was very excited as this is the biggest buck she has killed to date. It was a hunt I will never forget.
Congratulations Hailie and Josh, here's hoping you have some more great memories to share with us again after next year's hunts!